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Our Team

Nyoman Suwartha

I wasn’t joking when I stated “Heavenly Earth”. Manifesting the Heavenly Earth is the mission of my current birth. I work hard towards this goal, including establishing several institutions and educating people to have a knight mentality to run these institutions.

One of these institutions is the PUSAKA INDONESIA GEMAHRIPAH Association, whose tagline is “For a glorious Great Indonesia”. In its daily operations, the institution is led by Nyoman Suwartha, who was appointed as Secretary-General in February 2022, succeeding the previous Secretary-General, Irma Rachmi.

Nyoman Suwartha has an educational background in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He completed his Master’s degree at UGM (Gadjah Mada University), while his Ph.D. was obtained from Hokkaido University in Japan. Since 2010, he has been serving as a lecturer at the University of Indonesia. In addition to teaching, his professional experience includes managing a journal as the managing editor of the International Journal of Technology, serving as the vice chair of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, holding the position of Head of Environmental Engineering Program, and currently fulfilling the role of Education Manager at FTUI (Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia).

Nyoman Suwartha has been my disciple since 2018, and he is among the few who have remained dedicated and become part of the inner circle in the Fraternity of Pure Light. He has been one of the leaders in the Mentoring Group in the Fraternity of Pure Light.

Before being appointed as the General Secretary, he previously served as the Secretary of the Fraternity of Pure Light (PIG) West Java Region, and later as the Head of the Research and Study Division of PIG.