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Our Team

Fajar Prihattanto

My knights are not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas. This knight lives in Batuwarno, Wonogiri, Central Java. Even though it’s quite remote place but his house is one that I visit most often. The daily profession of this man, I call Mas Fajar, is a civil servant teacher in Junior High School.

His experience in learning knowledge labeled as spiritual is quite long. But before meeting me, his orientation was towards “kadigdayan”, prioritizing the development of supernatural powers. Likewise friends in his environment who joined the Fraternity of Pure Light. So, jokingly, my team and I often label them as “shaman/warrior gangs”. The unique thing is, this gang is fairly loyal, they have remained a member of the Fraternity of Pure Light since they first joined at the beginning of 2019. There were several similar gangs that fell out, even though at first they were very big fans of me and they used to seriously kneel on me.

The challenges faced by Mas Fajar and his friends while pursuing my teachings were not easy. The most common case is considered heretical, misusing religious teachings. On to more detailed issues: The Fraternity of Pure Light propagates man to become God; the teacher at the Fraternity of Pure Light pretends to be God because he can reveal the hidden reality of the soul. It takes firmness to stand on this silence way amidst the gossip in the village.

In the last 2 months, Mas Fajar experienced an acceleration in terms of soul purity and consciousness escalation. He managed to release a snake demon brought from his past life that carried certain supernatural abilities and intelligence. In past life, he was a “shamanic healer” who was given a chance in this life to become a pure soul and a warrior of light. Indeed, Mas Fajar has released the status of “Holy Diapers Knight” when attending a retreat in Semarang with all its dynamics.

Currently, Mas Fajar, who has the ability to paint, really helps my cosmic work. With his method of painting he can reveal the hidden reality of the soul. With his method he can reveal the reality behind my physical body. His work graces my most recent books. Another talent that is starting to grow is writing talent. The story with the main character named Samidera is really cool.

Besides that, he is also studying organic farming. He began to be mobilized to carry out the movement to glorify the land/Mother Earth within the organization of Pusaka Indonesia Gemahripah.

It’s time to work with a knight spirit based on total sincerity. Arise the sleeping knights.