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Our Team

Agus Haryono

Since his childhood, Agus Haryono has been deeply immersed in the religious traditions of Islam. His life revolved around Islamic boarding schools. Born on August 5, 1966, he is an ardent seeker of God, delving into the realm of tasawwuf. At one moment, his friend recommended him to read Setyo Hajar Dewantoro’s (SHD) books, namely Medseba, Suwung, and Sastrajendra. Agus was startled as he read Suwung because SHD vividly expounded on the concept of God.

Around June 2020, Agus Haryono participated in a workshop conducted by Guru SHD in Jakarta. It was during this time that Agus experienced his first meditation session. As Agus was still in search of the existence of God, he continued to participate in various activities organized by the Fraternity of Pure Light. He engaged in workshops, retreats, and even mentorship programs.

“When the mentorship program of batch 2 was available, I joined and felt grateful for the opportunity. I experienced significant progress during batch 5, after receiving guidance that shattered my ego. It was here that I found true happiness. Here, I discovered God manifested within myself, referred to as the Highest Self/Divine Guru/Divine Spirit/Atman/Dewa Ruci/Nur Muhammad.”