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Our Team

Eko Nugroho

Eko Nugroho, whom I call Mas Eko, has been my partner in various lines of activity, at PT Bumi Nusantara Gemahripah, Pusaka Indonesia Gemahripah, Avalon Consulting, and undoubtedly in other institutions or companies that will be established soon.

He has been my disciple since 2018. It was when I practiced ritual methods like kungkum (soaking in water) and such. As someone who was once highly religious, the act of kungkum followed by meditation in front of a statue was considered madness. Yet, he had to experience this madness as a result of being my disciple.

But that’s nothing compared to the craziness that followed. One moment that would definitely be seen as insane by most people is when he decided not to accept the offer to extend his position as Vice President at Freeport Indonesia as his retirement phase arrived. Who wouldn’t want to be an official at Freeport with a high salary and excellent facilities?

However, time has proven that it was not the wrong choice. He admits that he is much happier now because he has found the source of happiness within himself. He has also found the meaning of life in his work as a trainer and entrepreneur who strives to empower people and support food sovereignty in this country.

Eko Nugroho completed his Master’s degree (Masters/S2) at Wichita State University, Kansas. With the knowledge gained from his academic background, combined with decades of experience working in corporations, including PT. Freeport Indonesia, where he worked in Finance & Accounting and Supply Chain before immersing himself intensively in the field of human resources (HR) development and exploring meditation and spirituality since 2018, he is ready to develop and implement a leadership and management model based on spiritual consciousness. Through PIG, he contributes on a broader scale to inspiring many people to reconnect with the noble values of the nation as formulated in Pancasila.