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Our Team

Niniek Pebriany Basri

Coming from an architectural background, Ninik Febriany works as a sustainable architecture consultant while also spearheading a contextual education foundation for youth in rural areas. Moreover, she has founded a startup that combines traditional herbal medicine (jamu) with technology to create personalized jamu concoctions.

Niniek encountered the SHD meditation audio on Spotify in early 2021, however, she hadn’t delved into meditation or spirituality. In October 2021, amidst the conflict happening within her start-up, Niniek realized the significance of letting go of her selfish desires to achieve the vision she aspired to—a vision that is in harmony with the Earth and human beings. At that moment, she fervently prayed to God to be guided to her path. The next day, one of her friends invited Niniek to join a study session of SHD.

“The first time I met Mas Guru, I had a sense of déjà vu and a longing for a feeling that arose within my heart. As soon as I learned about the mission of Divine Earth, it immediately resonated with me.

This mission is what inspires and propels me forward on this journey.”