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Our Team

Galih Setyawan
alias Komeng

The knights who work with me to build a masterpiece are not just those who have studied abroad, like the three knights I mentioned earlier. There are also those who truly represent the common folks. Let me tell you about one of them: Mas Komeng, alias Galih Setyawan. He is an alumnus of coffee and tobacco plantations, and wild boar hunting forests in the Temanggung area. He claims to have a junior high school diploma but got stuck there. I asked him if he even had a birth certificate, and he confidently replied, “Of course, I do!” I thought he appeared out of nowhere in the bamboo grove and didn’t have a birth certificate. Ha ha ha.

Mas Komeng became my disciple in 2018. It all started when he accidentally met me while working as a decorator for an event I organized in my hometown, Pasamuan Agung. After years of learning, in 2021 I asked him to be my companion. His first task was to accompany me on a sudden trip to Palembang and Lampung.

As it turned out, he became the only one who remained as my companion. The others parted ways for various reasons. It wasn’t easy for Mas Komeng, as he had to choose between being loyal to me or following his friends. However, he managed to transcend attachment in friendship and make the right decision for the sake of his soul’s salvation and well-being.

Mas Komeng’s role is not to lead a company or an institution. However, he plays a vital role in my movement. Moreover, he has developed the ability to grasp the messages from the universe about what needs to be done and where we should move. He is also responsible for managing equipment at various events. Furthermore, he has become more skilled at conducting spiritual healing. During various journeys to fulfill our universal tasks, especially when traveling around Java by car, Mas Komeng always accompanies me.

To reach this point, there have been many processes. There are several important events and milestones. He released two astral beings that had been bound to his body: a wild boar spirit and a tiger demon. As a sign of the birth of a pure soul, he shaved his dreadlocks bald and took off all his accessories: necklaces and bracelets, which weighed up to 1 kg he he.

I will continue to support him in becoming the best version of himself. If the time comes, I would even send him to Israel or Russia, hi hi hi