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Retno Sulistyowati

Mbak Retno, as she is called, had a tough struggle to remain my disciple. Her overly active Third Eye, which caused visual distractions, made it difficult for her to experience silence, and she was easily affected by negative energy. It has been challenging for her to break free from destructive tendencies and the clutches of the Dark Force. However, her hard work definitely paid off. Consistent inner silence has a purifying and transformative effect. To ensure her safety, I have also shifted her role. She is no longer serving as an interdimensional communicator to receive the messages of the universe. Instead, she now utilizes her abilities specifically to access the ancestral herbal formula for traditional medicine and perform detailed scans on individuals who are unwell.

Furthermore, I will reveal Mbak Retno’s own writings when she overcame difficulties in her business and her personal life.

My business, Ayam Geprek Tomang, experienced difficult times when the PSBB was extended many times. My emergency funds ran out, the operational expenses of several outlets drained my savings, and packaging supplier bills remained unpaid for several months. I didn’t lay off any employees, but some of them chose to resign.

When I was confused and started to panic about the fluctuating state of my business, I reached out to Guru via WA for guidance. I asked for advice on what I should do.

Guru gave a brief response: accept the worst consequence. I reflected on it, realizing that the worst consequence would be bankruptcy, and closing down all the outlets.

Alright, I’m ready for whatever it is. I mean, how could I not find a way to make a living? It turns out that one of the lessons is that the universe is training me to transcend attachment to material wealth.
My husband started to panic. We were unable to pay employees and cover other operational costs. I told him not to overthink and stress too much, to take one step at a time, day by day, and not to worry about tomorrow.
I learned to go with the flow. Every time I needed to pay wages or cover operational expenses, I entered a moment of silence. Then I received guidance to sell jewelry, bicycles, etc. (gradually), and I followed each guidance. I provided weekly paychecks for my employees.

When it was time to provide for the holiday bonuses (THR), the guidance that appeared was to sell my son’s ninja motorcycles. I told my son about the business situation, and he was just fine with it and allowed me to sell his motorcycles. But it was his father who cried and couldn’t bear to do it, and he considered selling his own car instead of his son’s motorcycle.

I explained it to him, and finally he could accept the situation.
This was a lesson for my son as well. Employee holiday bonuses (THR) were secure and paid on time.

I usually give a pay raise at the beginning of each year; however, I couldn’t provide it last year. Some of the employees asked about it, and I explained to them that being able to keep the business sustained without closing any outlets was something to be grateful for. And I told them I couldn’t offer a pay raise this year (2021). I encouraged the employees to stand together and face the situation. They understood the declining business conditions and were still willing to remain loyal and keep fighting.
The universe works in His way.

Gradually, the situation started to recover. My son asked for permission to open a branch of Ayam Geprek Tomang. He planned to learn business while studying in college. He wanted to buy a motorcycle on his own. His father was glad to hear his plan.

I have learned many lessons during the challenging times of last year. Now, my husband is handling the Ayam Geprek business, and I am only assisting with the back office and providing energy support. My role involves energetically supporting Ayam Geprek Tomang by frequently blessing the AGT team, suppliers, colleagues, and customers.

I have started embracing my role, responding to the divine calling as a concocter of Jamu Warisan. My Guru often refers to me as Panoramix (one of the characters, a potion maker, in the Asterix and Obelix comics), which always makes me burst into laughter.

The universe works in its miraculous way.

One more thing that I reveal, the message of the universe about the Acaraki/”Jamu” concocter: Acaraki is a call to honor Mother Earth by using herbal ingredients derived from plants that grow in the area where Acaraki is practiced.

Herbal ingredients are used to cure various types of diseases. A true Acaraki works to follow the guidance of the Highest Self. The ability to concoct various types of herbal plants, adjusting to the patient’s body condition, flows from the continuous practice of silence with utmost dedication of soul and body. An Acaraki will not work without the guidance of the Highest Self.

The egoistic desire to help anyone who asks for help is dissolved through silence. Not everyone who comes or asks for help can have their wishes fulfilled.

An Acaraki carries out their duty following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who reigns in the center of the heart. The parts of the body that require treatment, both by energy and with various herbal plants, will be provided according to the needs of those body parts without posing any harm to other parts/internal organs.

A true Acaraki acts with utmost sincerity in carrying out the tasks entrusted to them through silence. A true Acaraki truly respects the human body as a magnificent masterpiece from the Supreme Creator.

The herbal potions that emerge from silence will work as they should, in accordance with the readiness of the body to receive them. There is pure energy that works through the potions.