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Gede Vernanda Satria Dita

Gede Vernanda Satria Dita, fondly known as Bli Vernanda, is a Balinese man who was born in 1991 in Denpasar, Bali. He currently lives in Singaraja, Bali, and works as a General Practitioner. His initial encounter with the figure of Setyo Hajar Dewantoro (SHD) was in 2018 through three of SHD’s books, entitled Medseba, Suwung, and Sastrajendra. It was Bli Vernanda’s enthusiastic moment of searching for truth through books and the abundance of videos available on YouTube. To him, spirituality was about accumulating spiritual knowledge rather than practicing meditation.

After reading SHD’s book that explained the basic practice of breath awareness, Bli Vernanda became determined to learn from Guru SHD. His determination is manifested by actively participating in various community activities such as study groups, retreats, workshops, and mentoring programs. Now, he has become a leader who assists other learners in mastering the proper technique of silence according to the SHD’s method to purify the soul and body.

Despite experiencing ups and downs as a learner in the Fraternity of Pure Light, Vernanda continues to learn. When asked why he persists, he answers, “Because I vividly remember the benefits of silence that I have experienced and how true happiness can truly arise from within and harmonize all aspects of myself.”