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About Us


Progressive. Transformative. Revolutionaries

Fraternity of Pure Light spread love and light of pure awareness, and helps anyone to grow into a pure, enlightened soul and can feel heavenly happiness since life on this earth. On a collective scale, the Fraternity works to promote a way of life that honors Mother Earth and loves others without discrimination, an attitude of life that is always loyal to the True Self, which is the basis for building a Heavenly Earth. This brotherhood exists to ensure a global spiritual awakening, and nurture it when it does.

Fraternity of Pure Light supplies educational programs in the forms of Studies, Workshops, Retreats, and Online Learning that assist everyone in regularly practicing silence and nurturing the divine seed inside themselves. And everyone who chooses to join this fraternity is expected to help, support, and collaborate along to realize their Divine Plan and create a masterpiece that highlights their individual talents.

Blessed are all souls who sincerely seek true truth.
Blessed are all souls who remain faithful in living with pure love.

Currently, as Fraternity of Pure Light carried out the spiritual journey to several European countries, two fundamental things are emphasized:


Purity (purity of heart, intention, perception) is the key success of spiritual endeavor. Purity is the highest magical power that can transform the world. Pure light is a symbol of the pure soul; a soul free from five factors of soul impurity: deep wounds, destructive traits, illusion, traces of sin, and dark force entanglement.


Fraternity is a pillar of strive. The pure-heart people need to collaborate, work together in a true fraternity. We do realize that we are brothers and sisters as sons and daughters of universe’s Father and Mother, we live in non-egoistic character: all for one, one for all.

Our Mission


Mahadaya means to become empowered and have resilience and power in spirit, mental, soul, and body.


Mahaguna means to be willing and capable of digging for the best potential of ourselves to result in creative and productive works that have meaning and value in life.


Mahakarya means to be willing and able to work by creating, maintaining, or even recycling to sustain life and livability

Our Logo

The Fraternity of Pure Light’s logo represents a robust spiritual philosophy, among others:

  • The absolute darkness and void, is Sangkan Paraning Dumadi. The peak point of mediation is when we realize the unity with reality that becomes the source of everything.
  • White represents the result of being aware of the continuous unity: the purity and the true virtue.
  • Golden yellow emphasizes the brilliance, the glory, and the victory.