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Our Team

Ay Pieta

Has anyone ever been slashed by a painful silk scarf? Has anyone’s ego torn apart by her unexpected words? If any, you can vent in the comments column.

Pure love tend to be understood as “gentle” attitude or “indulge the ego”. People must be hard to understand the scathing words come from a pure heart as a manifestation of love. But in my current consciousness, I can certainly differ whether the words are sweet yet venomous, or honest words yet bitter and nourish the soul. So, I definitely give a lot of trust in people who are sincere and have authentic love. Including Ay Pieta who is fondly called Ms. Ay. Besides she is sincere,she is also an expert at reading people’s hidden characters and emotions. Accordingly, I often refer her as the “Airport Scanner”; people who have ulterior motives when approaching me or joining the Fraternity of Pure Light are definitely detected by her.

Academically, Ay Pieta is a Bachelor of Architecture from Trisakti University, Jakarta. But, she worked in oil and gas sector instead. Recently, she worked at Santos (Sampang Pty. Ltd). However according to the universe guidance, then she took early retirement in 2020. And now she focused on dedicating her life and abilities to the movement of Fraternity of Pure Light.

Apart to professional work in several institutions that I founded, Ay Pieta also has a role as an interdimensional communicator/catcher of universe messages. Currently she became mentor in an intensive mentoring program organized by the Fraternity of Pure Light.

Anyone asked, why are the all mentors in the Fraternity of Pure Light women? My answer is unequivocal: I don’t have gender biased. I am a cosmic patriarchy follower, but I do understand that enlightenment can come to both men and women. The opportunities are completely equal. Professional/spiritual leadership can also be carried by enlightened women.

Keep on fight and give our best for this life. Heavenly Earth is our shared divine vision and it is bound to happen.