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SHD Soul Journey

7. Surpasses the Logic

Back in the day, I had been working in an environment that heavily emphasized logic. Not only did I work as a consultant at one of Indonesia’s government offices, but I was also a social researcher that relies intensely on critical thinking. Therefore, I would lean more on my cognitive skills entering the spiritual world. However, at its core, spiritualism isn’t about leaving your brain behind. Instead, spirituality is about matching intelligence with intuitive skills, known as sejatine roso in Javanese or rasa sejati in Indonesian. Simply defined, spiritualism exposes you to a broader experience, giving your brain more input for its analytical process while permitting your heart to understand the true meaning behind every life event.

As human beings, we rely on our active brains to comprehend the events unfolding around us. This holds true for those who have awakened to higher consciousness and those still in a state of unawareness. However, awakened individuals gain a deeper understanding from every experience. Their constant practice of silence allows their brains to undergo a more profound and enriching transformation. Additionally, awakened individuals rely heavily on critical thinking, as they hold an unwavering belief in the existence of consistent universal truths.