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SHD Soul Journey

3. Peaks and Valleys

My journey to reach my current role as a spiritual guru was challenging. I had to overcome numerous obstacles. In 2016, after finally deciding to become independent of any spiritual teachers, I encountered several life-and-death situations. The veil over these occurrences was unspeakably thin. Enduring dangerous metaphysical attacks, I found myself sinking into endless pain and deep despair. Yet, it was during this time that I realized the only way out was to surrender wholeheartedly, acknowledging my shortcomings and accepting the possibility of death at any moment. After hitting rock bottom, I experienced a sudden and complete healing.

As time went by, my energy grew at an incredible rate, rendering me invulnerable to mystical attacks. The increasing power enabled me to confront more formidable adversaries and operate within broader realms. In 2019, the dynamics of the game shifted, thrusting me into an entirely different battle.

Maybe some of you, readers, have wondered, “Why does a spiritual guru have to engage in battles?” Please don’t be naive. In accordance with universal laws, a righteous individual with a clear mission will invariably encounter adversaries. Consider this scenario: you, a person of integrity and idealism, join a corrupt organization. You will inevitably face numerous opponents. Similarly, when a knight radiates the light of rising consciousness in the face of manipulative dark forces, enemies will try to impede their progress.

Moreover, there was a time when my rivals were no longer simple, stealth-like creatures but world-controlling aliens. As my consciousness gradually developed, I met more sophisticated opponents. This duality, the inseparable two sides of a coin, is an integral part of every spiritual journey.

Before continuing with more captivating stories on the global war between evil and light, I would like to share my life experiences from the past. Before gaining my peaceful and liberating life, around 3 to 4 years ago, I still lived in a living hell. However, a more tragic period of life occurred around 10 to 16 years ago. These experiences have allowed me to profoundly understand the distinction between a pure and tainted soul. Owning an untainted soul enables one to experience heavenly happiness on earth, radiating from the center of the heart. In addition, other aspects of life, including career, finances, family, and health, flourish in incredible harmony.

I was once also living in highly challenging situations. Not only was I financially unstable, but I was also terminated from my subsequent jobs as I had been an idealist, holding on tightly to my life principles. Moreover, my newly launched business went into bankruptcy. The myriad conflicts of my household life also took place. I protested to God: “Why did I have to suffer from these unending mishaps? Wasn’t I a devotee and not a villain?

Being enlightened over the last two years, I finally found the answer to my former question. Though I was born with no residual past-life terrible karma, I still had to start from zero with this new physical body. Everyone, including myself, commences this life without recollections of past wisdom. We are unaware of our past lives, if not suffer from “amnesia.” Only through connecting with the holy spirit within me in profound stillness was I able to figure out who I was in my previous life, my past achievements, and why I chose to be born into my humble family.

Being previously absent-minded about my past life, however, I accidentally gathered wrong perceptions, lousy karma, and committed sins, all of which had been tainting my energy body. Thus, it made sense that my life was stuck in turbulence due to my actions. The universe reflected my harmful deeds, and I reaped what I had sown. In Javanese, it is known as ngunduh wohing pakarti. Only in September 2018 was I able to purify everything, practically contributing to 100% clarity of my emotional, energy, knowledge, and karmic body.

My loyal students, friends, and colleagues, old and new, are all fortunate to have crossed paths with me when I started to embrace and fully manifest His great plans. Likewise, those who have been faithful to me since 2014 can discern my progress. The year 2019 was the accelerating moment for me to prepare for my role in the 2020 great spiritual awakening.

Successfully healing all my trauma and conquering my sins, I found continuous luck and a harmonious life with enduring happiness. Briefly, I experienced living in heaven on earth. My spiritual achievement in reaching the tipping point inspired my students to encounter their own enlightenment. Technically, many of my followers had hit LoC 1000 and lived on holy days. My students still face problems in their daily lives, yet they already know how to solve them and make peace with the hurdles.

Never in my dreams have I imagined living on beautiful days like now. I started small, teaching meditation and spirituality in a tiny old house owned by my dad back in 2014. Our place served multiple purposes. It was a refuge for husbands seeking solace from their wives’ endless rants, a tranquil sanctuary for the jobless deciphering mysterious codes of the illegal lottery, and a safe haven for time-wasters to enjoy a cheap yet well-known Orang Tua wine. My initial students were truly exceptional. Mas Giok and Mas Wawan, my second and third students, have remained by my side. Each of them has discovered their own version of heaven on earth by embracing their life’s calling. Mas Giok has become a skilled massage therapist, while Mas Wawan has mastered the art of divine healing. In Javanese, ‘Mas‘ means brother. However, I had to let go of my first student, as he chose to delve into the dark realms of the supernatural.

Looking back, thousands of people have learned from me. Unfortunately, some of them chose to bid me farewell for various reasons. For instance, my former students felt uncomfortable when I embraced my role as an authentic spiritual teacher, as they believed that there are no titles such as “teacher” and “student” in spiritual life. Others turned a blind eye, preferring to engage in trivial gossip about me. Many regarded me as a lunatic because I often assessed their consciousness using LoC. Numerous learners possessed great knowledge, yet they became defensive when challenged to live by their own teachings.

Also, a former student of mine was upset when I accidentally overlooked inviting him to an event at our mutual friend’s house. Furthermore, while collaborating with another former student on a significant project for a large multinational company, I provided critical feedback on his performance. His belief that a spiritual teacher should always express pure love in a soft and soothing manner made it difficult for him to accept my constructive input, leading him to sever ties with me. In conclusion, there were various reasons why certain individuals ceased being my students. However, it is important to note that I never took advantage of them financially or manipulated them in any way.

Regarding their farewell, regardless of the underlying reasons, the essential aspect was that our vibrations were no longer aligned for the roles of teacher and student. In accordance with the law of attraction, those who are incompatible cannot remain together. I accepted this reality as it presented itself. My intention was never to accumulate a large following. The number of students holds little significance for me; what truly matters is fulfilling my soul mission. Consequently, I devote myself wholeheartedly to assisting those who are genuinely eager to awaken and attain enlightenment.