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SHD Soul Journey

5. Real Connections With The Inner Teacher

The essential thing in one’s successful spiritual journey is the authentic connection with his inner self, Hingsun, in Javanese. So, how could someone know if he has truly connected with his Hingsun?

Based on my experience, the difference between before and after being connected to Hingsun is very distinguishable.

Before joining the inner self, we rely solely on our logic in navigating life. In the decision-making process, we depend mainly on our critical thinking skills. Due to our lack of authentic real-life experience in what we are eager to know, we make several biased assumptions. Without conscience, we drift away from the absolute truth; thus, we continuously speculate.

When we enter deep silence, we are connected to our inner self, relying on our internal sense in describing our authentic life experience. Instead of endlessly assuming, our mind utilizes the right words in the form of language to depict the truthful experience. Therefore, I could behold beyond the closing veil once I had connected to my Hingsun in the undistracted silence. Things that I had previously thought as the ultimate truth were, in fact, not more than my false assumptions and inaccurate illusions. Every experience became easily understandable, including those related to metaphysical matter, as if high cognitive skills were bestowed upon us.

On the other hand, the intimate connection with our inner self/teacher allows us to curtail the root of sadness. Our faithfulness in living in perennial silence causes us to stop making assumptions, which leads to destructive emotions. As a result, we can release ourselves from being brokenhearted, envious, and jealous, and prevent us from having revenge and other negative emotions that lead to self-inflicted suffering.

Moreover, having a trained inner sense allows us to read our own sins’ path, if there is any. Regarding this, I know whether I still carry my burden of sins and bad karma or whether my soul is pristine. When someone has connected to his Hingsun, he automatically is led to make the right decisions. Thus, he minimizes the possibility of him creating sins and bad karma, the ultimate source of manufactured suffering.

I realized that I had connected to my inner self, and I am heavily moved to teach others about it. In addition, I am sure to continuously share my authentic experience of living a life full of divine truth and happiness. Friends and students who recently found me are lucky, as they have ample chances to experience heavenly life and enlightenment.

I was never alone on my journey to enlightenment. Several invisible holy entities assisted me in reaching enlightenment. Light warriors also increased. One prominent figure, Eyang* Semar, has been my teacher for quite some time. Eyang means grandfather in the Javanese language.

Furthermore, I also established connections with other holy and widely known characters such as Yeshua Ha Mashiakh, Sri Krishna, Rahwana, and Harjuna Sasrabahu. These critical figures and several other angels I previously did not know, such as Serefiel, The King of Angels, and Lucifer, The Awakening Light Bearer, bestowed their pure qualities upon me. Finally, I networked with more majestic light entities and would like to share my experience meeting them in the later chapters.