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SHD Soul Journey

2. Accelerating Moments

My spiritual consciousness grew exponentially when I started to acknowledge the existence of reincarnation. A few defining moments took place in the past, enabling me to witness different realities within me. I realized I had been wiser and more powerful than I was. I became more aware of my hidden talents.

I still vividly remember when my past life was untangled right before my eyes. I figured out both my former identities and my living places. Since then, through meditation and historical tracing, I have been continuously moved to access the wisdom of my past. Between 2016 and 2018, I religiously visited many sacred places where I previously did tapa brata. All these fortunate incidents accelerated my consciousness. Not only had I successfully freed myself from self-inflicted suffering, but I was also able to find my way back to my inner self and paths to enlightenment. The stakes were high, yet very rewarding.

To measure my spiritual progress objectively, I utilized Level of Consciousness (LoC) by David R. Hawkins. Using LoC as my guidance, I developed my evaluation tool, the Human Perfection Matrix. It assisted me in putting my findings from my divine sense accurately into numbers. Like David Hawkins, I also used another tool, the muscle test, to traditionally confirm my spiritual achievement.


While leading a meditation during the Mahadaya Suwung retreat at Pura Gunung Kembar, Umejero, Singaraja, Bali, I, for the first time, successfully passed LoC 1000. Forceful energy gushed over me. However, nothing worth having comes easy. Before the retreat, I attended an event in Surabaya, East Java. During the meeting, I suddenly experienced a severe supernatural attack. My back was in excruciating pain, as if a sharp knife had stabbed it. Following the guidance of my divine sense, I quickly realized that only mediation would help me recover. Thus, I went into deep stillness and silence during my road trip from Surabaya to Bali.

Through several other instances, I experienced the second stage of spiritual development. For instance, I witnessed the presence of an upright snake, symbolizing the perfect activation of Kundalini within me. During another meditation session, I envisioned myself divided into two parts: a gentleman on the right and a lady on the left. Additionally, I beheld a scene from the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna, as perceived by Arjuna, encompassed the entire universe.

In 2019, another significant moment of acceleration occurred. During my overseas trip to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and through my meditative experiences at Candi Sukuh and Candi Cetha—two prominent holy places in Central Java—I underwent a transformation that propelled me into a higher dimension. At that particular moment, I ascended to the 21st level among the 31 dimensions of the human soul consciousness.

In Hong Kong, my consciousness expanded as I connected with ancient avatars. Since then, my inner energy, or prana, has been ascending.

The next significant leap in consciousness occurred during my Euro trip between October and November 2019. In Lourdes, Brussels, Geneva, and Rome, I experienced a series of enlightening moments. These transformative experiences helped me reclaim my former life’s wisdom, knowledge, and energy, propelling me to the 30th dimension of the human soul consciousness.

During a meditation session at the Cakra Hotel in Denpasar, Bali, I experienced a complete union with the Almighty Source. This was the first time I finally achieved the 31st dimension during the process. Along with the global spiritual awakening, I was blessed with exceeding my past achievements. Putting things into perspective, I allocated time to reflect upon the experience and requested objective evaluations from others. Lucky for me, I had trustworthy inner circle students and colleagues who, with their spiritual competence, could perceive things beyond the physical world.

I gained even greater confidence in my spiritual path when other spiritual gurus confirmed that I had been on the right track. They reassured me that everything I had experienced was real and not just a product of my imagination.

One notable spiritual guru, Mbah Senawi from Juwana, Pati, Central Java, visited me in Magelang and put me to the test. Once he thought I was adequately qualified, Mbah Senawi entrusted me with the responsibility of caring for his students. Sadly, he passed away while I was flying back from Hong Kong.

Another spiritual expert, Master Manogren (Jakarta), really loved me. In addition to confirming my spiritual achievement, Master Manogren entrusted his son-in-law to look after me. He had envisioned my essential role in assisting the upcoming global spiritual awakening. The great rise in human consciousness was a significant yet quite challenging moment. His child and son-in-law are now my students.

The above was my story with the gurus with physical bodies. In the following parts, I would like to share my experience with the gurus from other realms.