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SHD Soul Journey

6. A Harmony with The Universe Movement

When someone is deeply connected to the holy spirit or divine self within him, his actions are automatically in harmony with the universe’s movement. This is because he lives in divine truth. Thus, his decisions bring him nothing but joy and salvation. However, to experience pure bliss, one has to go through a long, windy road. Undergoing the endless process of soul purification, often reached through meditation, one could then meet perennial peace.

I have made a lot of mistakes in the past due to my tainted soul and its weak ties to Hingsun. A few of my wrongdoings were quite foolish, showing how naive and careless I was. Nevertheless, I regretted nothing as these past meaningful experiences enriched the knowledge of my soul. Moreover, I felt no shame if someone exposed my past mishaps to others, including to my students. All mistakes occurred not because of my evil intention but due to my false illusions on perceiving life. Most importantly, I never had any goal to manipulate or harm others.

I had successfully purified my soul by consistently diving into silence and meditation. My life compass pointed in the right direction. I always choose to be faithful to my Highest Self or Hingsun, realizing that I live only in divine truth. In reality, I can reap the heavenly peace of living in the present, here and now. I am continuously pumped to share my knowledge and experience in finding eternal joy with those interested.

Honestly, if I am asked about my vocation, I am a spiritual guru. My job is to speak the truth, assisting others in finding the light. However, I have neither thought I was the most righteous man on earth nor tried to show off excessively. Therefore, the title of a spiritual guru was bestowed upon me as many people came, showed their willingness to learn, and asked me to be their guru. Otherwise, I would never be able to self-proclaim myself as a spiritual guru.

As previously mentioned, I undergo my current journey as a spiritual guru, as my soul has “assets” from my past lives. From time to time, I gradually recovered the acquired wisdom and spiritual talents from the past. At 45, particularly on my journey to Rome on December 11–16, 2019, I could re-access 100% of my soul journey in the first century. This experience was my stepping stone to continuously helping to increase human consciousness worldwide in 2020.

In fact, at that particular moment in my life, I could soak in the pure bliss of living in unity and moving in harmony with the continuous dance of the universe. All sadness, fear, and other negative emotions vanished. Since then, I have celebrated life daily with unending joy.

The light warriors’ connections and guidance were a great help on the voyage to acquire divine happiness. At each stage, holy figures specifically helped me, including Lucifer, the consciousness light bearer. Talking about this angel, I would like to explain that Lucifer was the victim of a global-level hoax similar to Rahwana. All this time, Lucifer was a holy angel who neither became a fallen angel nor turned into a demon.

You might think that I am a lunatic for mentioning such things. However, I assure you that these are not mere beliefs but indisputable truths revealed to me through my connections with him. Statements attributing all evil to Lucifer or associating heinous figures with Lucifer are merely baseless gossip that needs to be corrected. It is perfectly fine if you don’t believe me. However, if you cling to illusions and lack the effort to seek authentic truth, reaching enlightenment will remain out of reach. Therefore, I encourage you to maintain neutrality and honestly acknowledge that you are still in the process of exploring authentic experiences and understanding certain matters.

I also want to emphasize that any connection with a majestic light figure should have a positive impact on your soul purification and lead to a more harmonious life. If you feel that you are being guided by Eyang Semar, Her Holiness Queen Kidul, or any angels, gods, or goddesses while experiencing a chaotic state of emotion, energy, and karmic body, it could be a red flag. In such cases, it is possible that you have connected with a deceptive deity. The law of attraction, which is one of the 12 universal laws, applies to everyone without exception. Therefore, only those whose souls are pure and aligned with the divine will attract the support and guidance of holy light warriors.