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SHD Soul Journey

4. Going Global

On December 14, 2019, I commenced a global mission by participating in the Indonesia Culture Exhibition organized by the Indonesian Embassy at the Vatican. During the expo, I performed three dances, each with a unique movement carrying profound spiritual meaning. The first dance, Hingsun, described the harmonious union between humans and their divine essence. The second dance, Titi Kalamangsa, depicted the imminent arrival of the global spiritual awakening. Lastly, the Garuda Pala dance portrayed the ascension of the Spiritual King.

Additionally, the Mahadaya Tari Club dancers also exhibited various Indonesian traditional dances. These included the Enggang dance from East Borneo/Kalimantan, the Sipatokaan dance from North Sulawesi, the Tifa dance from Maluku, the Yospan dance from Papua, the Ulos/Alusiau dance from North Sumatra, the Piring (Plate) dance from West Sumatra, and the Bajidor Kahot dance from West Java. Our performances took place in the presence of ambassadors from several countries, Catholic priests, and nuns who had gathered from all over the world and are currently studying at the Vatican.

An unforgettable occasion occurred previously without any prior planning. It was the manifestation of the universe’s movement. I simply wholeheartedly followed the guidance of my Highest Self (Hingsun). To truly experience everlasting, authentic happiness on earth, one must remain steadfastly loyal to their Hingsun, which represents God within oneself. As a human being, I acknowledge the presence of my ego and free will. Nevertheless, I always strive to attune myself to His messages at all times and faithfully carry out His guidance while conquering my doubts and fears.

I am always completely loyal to Hingsun, whether it involves trivial choices like selecting clothes or deciding on hotels during my travels, or more significant matters. Whenever my desires arise, I effortlessly set them aside if they do not align with the guidance of my Hingsun. As a result, wherever I go and whoever I encounter, it all unfolds according to the divine guidance captured by my Highest Self. This unwavering commitment fuels my continuous growth and enables the realization of the divine plan within my present existence.

While meditating in the middle of the night at Parangkusumo, Yogyakarta, in 2012, two wild white pigeons perched on me. These birds exhibited a remarkable trust in me, allowing only my touch and obedience to my commands. Eventually, I released both creatures back into nature at Kahyangan Dlepih, Wonogiri. Afterward, I occasionally found myself dwelling in the darkness and becoming lost within it. Only recently, following my enlightenment, was I able to fully comprehend the significance of this memorable incident.

In 2014, I encountered Dewa Ruci, frequently used to depict one’s inner self. In 2015, I experienced suwung, a transcendental moment in which I felt fully unified with the endless source of life. During suwung, my ego vanished.

I finally reached my tipping point, achieving an enduring high level of spiritual awareness in 2018. I became very perceptive; thus, it was easy for me to “read aloud” one’s soul. I could effortlessly determine whether or not someone has a pure soul or has the potential for enlightenment based on their past-life soul achievements. Moreover, I could quickly tell if someone had psychological trauma and locate its root cause. Last but not least, if someone consciously chooses to collaborate with the supernatural entity, I could simply decipher the type and amount of the dark creatures.

However, it is important to note that I do not have knowledge of all things. I am only granted some knowledge that goes hand in hand with my soul’s mission. Therefore, I wonder if someone asks me to guess the lucky number in the illegal lottery or the working mechanism of a water pump or an airplane.

Regarding my role as a spiritual guru, I initially started humbly in my hometown in 2014. However, in 2019, I expanded my reach to the global stage.

Nothing worthwhile is simple to obtain. I belonged to various spiritual groups, and they helped me develop spiritually. Unfortunately, a lot of these groups dispersed because their members were hesitant to experience divine flourishing. Simply, we were no longer vibrating at the same frequency. People who were formerly a part of my inner circle and later turned out to be my students eventually behaved differently toward me. They distanced themselves, labeling me either as a lunatic or a dark witch. I continued to experience daily metaphysical assaults as I traveled the rough road. Even my family members became unwitting victims of these secret conflicts, yet they remained resilient and never complained about the hardships. I did yet fully comprehend how the universe had already prepared my family to support my spiritual role, but I am thankful for them.

Therefore, whoever is eager and willing to dive more into spirituality in search of enlightenment just needs to continue carefully and sincerely moving forward. Only then is the main goal achievable.