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The Evaluation Parameters of Spiritual Learning in The Fraternity of Pure Light: The Quality of the Silence

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In the journey to be a pure soul, a few students in the Fraternity of Pure Light (Persaudaraan Matahari/PM) have reached purity according to their capacity. Based on quantitative parameters, their Level of Consciousness (LoC) is 500, equivalent to the 12th dimension at the minimum. Although PM has a lot of learners, only a few have achieved this level. Some of the learners are in the 6th dimension with the LoC of 300, which represents a character of good people that know how to be happy sometimes, yet still feel suffered at certain times. Some learners are in the 6th dimension with the LoC of 300, which represents a character of good people that know how to be happy sometimes, yet still, feel suffer at certain times. Some are in the class of wandering souls with an LoC of 200; they learn about purity, but they are constantly under the dark-force influence and still have unfinished trauma within themselves. Some have been learning for a long time but are still friends with the demons, which keep them in the 1st dimension and the 2nd dimension. Guru Setyo Hajar Dewantoro (SHD) and the mentors understand every soul’s journey, but the souls should not continuously stay at the lower dimensions because everyone should grow. At least, those who remain in the 1st dimension could rise to the 4th dimension; Students in the 4th dimension could rise to the 6th dimension; and those in the 6th dimension could rise to the 12th dimension. This is progressive learning.  

Quality of Silence Parameters

Learners can now use a parameter currently being developed to determine the quality of the silencing process within The Fraternity of Pure Light. We use a scale of 0 to 100%. For example, some friends practice meditation diligently with their eyes closed, but their level of silence is only 1%. The 1%-silence quality indicates that the person is not practicing the silence technique correctly. They may appear to be meditating with their eyes closed. Still, their mind wanders, or they are occupied by the work of the Pineal Gland (the third eye) and observing metaphysical phenomena.

How is the score of silence quality obtained? The score is received by the mentors who can utilize their Divine Sense. This number is used for measuring to what extent the correct state of silence has been achieved (according to the teachings of SHD); the state that is dominantly or most frequently achieved within a duration of 1 silence/meditation session. For example, during a 10-minute meditation session, if the achieved state of silence is dominantly at 5%, then the quality of silence is 5%, even if a profound moment of silence above 10% happened for several seconds during that meditation session. A meditation session can be a formal or informal meditation.

Here are the scores of the quality of silence, along with their explanations:

  • A 0-5% score indicates that we are not relaxed or tense.
  • A score of 5%-10% shows that we are already comfortable and starting to be aware of our natural breath.
  • A score of above 10% indicates that we are already enjoying the connection with our True Self.”

What are the causes of the degradation of our silence quality?

In general, many factors can lower the quality of silence, and the causes can be different from one person to another depending on the person’s meditative character. Some people may feel peaceful and calm during meditation, but they are diverted by such feelings instead of staying mindful of their breath. Some others may even become drowsy and fall asleep. Sleeping is a state in which we cannot be aware of our breath, so it is not considered meditation even if we sit still.

Some learners experience inner wounds during meditation, then they are dragged into sorrow and cry eventually; hence, they are unconsciously oblivious to the breath flow in their chest. It does also lower the score of their stillness quality, especially for those who space out and focus too much on various physical sensations or get carried away by the pineal gland (the third eye) activities, causing them to lose awareness of their breath flow in the chest. Some people also feel sensations often described as a sense of divine connection, even if they feel peaceful and emotional. Once Guru or mentors check them, it turns out to be a false sensation since the power of darkness infiltrates their bliss body.

Therefore, every learner needs to first improve their technique. By doing so, our silence quality will gradually increase. If the method is correct, then the rate of silence will increase from 5% to 10%. This means that we have entered the relaxation phase. If we use the brain waves theory, this condition indicates that we have begun to enter the state of Alpha. The more we can be deeply aware of and enjoy our breath, then sink into it, enjoying that pure love, our meditation will become more profound eventually.

The more the silence increases, the better it will be. The more we can transcend our turbulent thoughts, the more we can be distant from wild thoughts; we will truly sink into the silence. At this stage, once we are really mindful, the divine power works well within us. The process of purifying the soul runs optimally and effectively.

Diligence and consistency are needed to improve the quality of silence. In addition, learners need to make additional efforts to observe themselves. This can be done by voluntarily sharing their meditative experiences with the mentor for evaluation. As such, we can observe and understand our habits or meditative characters; the more we become perseverant, the higher our score of silence quality will be. Conversely, if our stillness practice weakens, the quality score will decrease.


Does energy clarity affect the quality of silence?

The answer is definitely yes. Meditation practice will be more difficult once dark forces interfere with us. They will influence the way we think, act, and speak. Something that should be simple turns out to be more complicated. When dark forces possess us, we are like in a circle of demons; the knowledge vanishes as if it never existed. We cannot recall the way we meditate. We can be disoriented with our own breath. Furthermore, we feel uncomfortable knowing we are under the dark-force grip and fail to return to the state of purity.

 There is a tricky part. We can be confident that our meditation is correct, feel peaceful, happy, touched, and suddenly any discomfort becomes comfortable. In fact, all of these sensations are falsified by the power of darkness that can change the chemical elements in our bodies. Therefore, it is always recommended to first purify our energy body with the help of meditative audio while keeping the silence practice. Once it is 100% pure, the practice will be less challenging.

The Relationship between Quality of Silence and the Purification Process

If we sit and close our eyes, but our level of stillness is only 1%, the quality of silence will not improve for sure. Such a low level of serenity will not lead to purification because we are not still, even if our eyes are closed, and we are sitting cross-legged.

However, if we start to relax and our level of silence grows from 1% to 3%, 5%, and even 6% or 7%, it means we start to experience pure love. When we can realize the Divine within us, the purification process becomes more effective. Moreover, if our level of silence increases to 10%, 15%, and beyond, the process of self-purification will accelerate even further.


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