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Meeting Enlightened One, Seize the Chance

By 27 May 2023No Comments

Given the current situation, where I have also undergone significant changes since late 2018, now in 2021, there have been many steps taken after the process. Well, with my current position, I can provide many things to you: more detailed guidance, greater energy, and at the same time, I attract people who have the talent to mentor and nurture. So, this is a great situation for you to grow. Now, if someone gets upset with me, you can simply question what is going on. Have I ever manipulated you? Have I ever deceived you? Have I ever drained your energy? Or what?

When there is an opportunity for you to meet someone who has a genuine love for you, if you don’t take advantage of it, it will be a significant loss. Because I was looking for people who are truly pure in spirit, who can guide me, but I didn’t find one, except he who had died, I had found him, but he died then. How could it be like that?

Therefore, if you get upset with someone who has a genuine love for you, then the Universe will lead you to meet someone who manipulates you; that’s natural law. When you’re given someone like this, you don’t want it; instead, you’re given someone who leads to disharmony.

Finally, there is a formula that may be recalled from this long journey: why did I previously go in circles? It’s because I didn’t understand what a spiritualist is. I used to imagine that a spiritualist could see this, see that, see spirits, see what exists in the other world. I didn’t understand that being a spiritualist is about purifying the soul and body.

I also didn’t understand the difference between meditation and breath cultivation. I thought that with the triangular breath technique—hold, release, hold—I thought that was meditation. I thought it was the path to enlightenment. But in reality, internal energy practices are different from the spiritual path. They only manipulate prana energy, making it denser. If it’s in the second layer of the body, it’s called the pranic body layer. Healing the astral body is hard. If we can’t even tidy up the astral body layer, let alone reach the luminous body, the spiritual body. It’s too far away.

Moreover, nowadays many people believe that if someone practices breathwork, it correlates with the awakening of Kundalini. That connection is completely unrelated. Kundalini is a Divine energy that exists in a different layer than what is known as prana/chi. So, if you practice breathwork, it doesn’t automatically connect you to Kundalini. True Kundalini awakening is about the rising of energy that reaches the layer of your etheric body, as it ascends from the area around the spine towards the top. It spins through all the energy nodes until it pierces the Crown Chakra. This can happen to those whose soul and body have been truly purified. They have no ambition, envy, or resentment left.

If someone believes that Kundalini can be trained through breathwork, then they don’t understand. Kundalini will only rise as a result of genuine spiritual practice; it doesn’t need to be chased after because it will naturally arise on its own. I personally experienced Kundalini awakening in early 2019, but only after cleansing all aspects of the dark side within myself and freeing myself from the dark forces’s shackles.

There’s one thing you need to understand, and it can serve as a means for you to appreciate the blessings. However you calculate it, the number of demons you have in your body compared to the number of demons I had, I had more demons in the past. How do I calculate that? It’s simple. I was learning from here and there; from each teacher I learned, I got their demons. For example, if you knew with five paranormals, then the demons you got would be 5. I’m a lot more, that’s for sure.

Furthermore, I used to travel to Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and explored every corner of Java from Banten to Banyuwangi. Wherever there were caves, I would enter them, and wherever there were supposedly haunted forests, those were my favorite places. What did I gain from it? I acquired demons from each place I visited. That’s why I say I had more demons than you. And I accumulated them since the early 2000s, particularly in 2008 when I started doing meditation and spiritual adventures. Due to its complexity, it took me years to cleanse, especially without anyone guiding me. That’s why it wasn’t resolved until late 2018.

After releasing everything and going through the fundamental transformation, the Kundalini rose, and there was a balance between feminine and masculine energies. Back then, I was a man with a vital feminine element. If you listen to audios from 2017/2018, you’ll notice a difference; back then, my tone and language was a bit soft with the feminine intonation compared to now. That’s the journey—now I’m more masculine.

After aligning the feminine and masculine energies within myself, I encountered the Merkaba. The Merkaba represents symbols within us that have been blocked by various dark aspects, including those inherited from our ancestors. Some are blocked by their own sins, their own dark sides. And some are blocked by what was inherited from ancestors. Until those issues are resolved, a brilliant Merkaba knot cannot form. When they are finally resolved, the Merkaba emerges.

However, out there, there are misconceptions about the Merkaba, just like there are misconceptions about Kundalini. Kundalini is sometimes imagined to be awakened through breathwork, while the Merkaba is thought to be awakened by visualizing it. The existing Merkaba meditations out there, pay attention, “Imagine the Merkaba appearing within you, encompassing you, and then enter into that Merkaba, being taken to the realm of the light.” What is emphasized there? Imagination. But that’s not it. That level can only be reached when you have resolved all your issues, including the dark aspects inherited. However, our physical body is inherited from our ancestors; we cannot leave it behind. Merkaba cannot be spoken about as if it suddenly appears. It emerges when everything is truly aligned. 

Then, there is Metatron. From Metatron, various things will unfold, and I have already conveyed them to you. However, if this is not based on proper practice of silence, it will remain merely a concept. You won’t experience it. But if you improve the foundation and continue to purify yourself, then you will also experience what I have experienced.


Teaching by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
The Teaching in Bandung, October 24, 2021