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Grow Faster

By 27 May 2023No Comments

There are significant implications when we change the name of our learning community from Mahadaya Institute to Fraternity of Pure Light, a completely  different spirit. “Fraternity” is more than just a meaningless moniker or a topic for small talk. Therefore, everyone learning the silence method with me is connected by a fraternal or brotherly relationship rather than an egoistic one. This is a spiritual bond where every soul is linked. I hold the title of “Father” to each and every one of you. You are my spiritual children, and it is my duty to nurture each of you so that all of you grow. In this case, everyone is pure and unconditionally beloved. I provide you with guidance in a variety of ways; practically daily, whether through video or written content I specifically created for you, or quotes from earlier lessons. It’s something I’ve never experienced before. Therefore, by any logic, you should be able to grow faster and harmoniously because you were blessed with great blessings.

Additionally, I always reach out to all of you energetically as I frequently lead all forms. I meditate formally frequently and am in a constant silence. I attained a higher frequency of consciousness through formal meditation. I become one with the reality of the larger cosmos. The power of the Universe can then be channeled via me to all of my students. It is carried out impartially. Whether people who are not cranky, irritable, sane, or those who are impacted by negative energy are encompassed by the energy of the Universe, the energy of pure love is provided to everyone without distinction.

Despite the fact that everyone has different patterns, I don’t feel upset, irritated, or furious with them. Some people continuously studied with me, but their minds were clouded by their stubbornness and prejudices toward me. I was unaffected in any way. I am able to continuously emit pure love to each of you. This ought to serve as a tool for all of you to grow.

I cannot, however, take control of your free will, thus the decision ultimately rests with you. Continue down this road to salvation at your own free will and decision.


Teaching by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
The Teaching in Bandung, October 24, 2021