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The Evaluation on The Purity of Energy Body

By 24 April 2023No Comments

The pure spiritual learning system in The Fraternity of Pure Light deeply cares about the purity of the energy body. But does spiritual learning make our soul pure? Or do we attract all kinds of demons, evil spirits, and devils, which are in sync with our negative traits?

The purity of the energy body is a parameter to evaluate the condition of each layer of the body (pranic body, etheric body, astral body, light body, spirit body) being free from the dark forces (demons) that infiltrate and influence our consciousness. Once we are not mindful, we will attract dark forces.

Essentially, the Fraternity of Pure Light does not tolerate those whose bodies are seized with dark forces. It means that we are not allowing the impurity to constantly happen to them as they are not willing to resolve their dark sides. Each learner must earnestly purify their soul and body soon enough as the consistency in impurity will make their life suffer instead.

Do not let all kinds of demons ensnare our bodies and souls.

Ideally, mindfulness learning makes our level of energy purity to be 100% pure. It signifies that there is no single demon, evil spirit, or alike that grips us. We are cleansed, and our bodies return to be “holy shrines.” If our purity level degrades even an inch, we must immediately address it by returning to silence.

Typically, the body, as a holy temple, is sensitive to the purity of its energy. For example, when a person’s energy body is at 90%, they may already feel discomfort because something unnatural is in their body. It is similar to being intoxicated, and it feels terrible. It is even worse if the purity level is 70%, 60%, or 50%. Logically, it is strange if someone is still comfortable under that circumstance. Thus, why do we still let dark forces rest in our bodies? Why do we allow our bodies to become a home for these demons? What have we actually done so far which makes our purity level remains at 5% or even 3%?

The threshold for our energy body’s purity is 100%. So do not be stubborn by saying, “But I am still in the progress; I can’t reach it by now.”

We don’t need to speak nonsense. If we have the will and diligence, we can achieve purity. Follow the teachings of Guru Setyo Hajar Dewantoro (SHD), holistically understand silence or mindfulness, surrender, and strong determination – our energy body’s purity will surely reach 100%.

If someone is not pure yet, it is solely because they have not seriously purified their soul and body. In reality, Guru SHD can indeed accept people who are still in the process. However, don’t take too much time; otherwise, we will bear our own consequences. Moreover, once we manage to purify ourselves, there remain a lot of things to resolve – the journey is not yet finished.

The damaging impacts of dark-force grasp

Being under the dark-force grasp means lower-realm entities, such as devils, shape-shifters, evil aliens, and alike, infiltrate a human’s energy body, causing degraded consciousness. Mentors in The Fraternity of Pure Light create a simple parameter to indicate whether someone is under the grasp or vice-versa. The measure is the purity of the energy body: if it is not at 100%, it means the energy body is under the seizure of dark forces; In contrast, if the purity is close to 0%, it means severely under the dark-force grasp. 

Why can people be under the grasp of dark forces? Simply put, the reasons are:

  1. They are not genuinely mindful and like to daydream and have wild thoughts; hence it opens the door for dark forces (DF) to infiltrate. They are basically unaware of all the true blessings showered through each breath.
  2. They still have “homeworks” in resolving dark sides within, such as a wrathful nature, inner wounds, illusions, and traces of sins. If such “homeworks” is not resolved, it will surely attract dark forces. For example, someone who chooses to be deceitful, manipulative, and greedy will draw dark forces.

What are the impacts of being under the grasp of dark forces?

It is obvious that the grasp of dark forces is extremely detrimental as it blocks access to a pure source of happiness. We may seem happy, but it is impossible to be truly happy. Dark forces’ influence also strengthens our wrathful nature, causing us to stack more sins. If we pass away, but our energy body is impure, our soul will surely be prisoned in lower dimensions. If you are curious to know what it feels like, imagine the feeling of being chased by debt collectors and, simultaneously, having pain in your whole body and suffering from shortness of breath. It is a natural law that has nothing to do with whether God hates us or not.

Once dark forces are  lingering in our energy body,  we can harm many people both consciously and unconsciously. In addition, they will strengthen our deceitful, manipulative, and destructive nature which means we will  pile up sins or bad karma. So, why do some people still let dark forces reside in them?

If someone protests, “I’ve tried!?”

The answer is to be honest with yourself. Then, if we are truly mindful and do not feed our ego, we can achieve purity.

The energy body’s purity level is currently 100%, while other layers of the body are not yet 100%.

The purity levels at all layers require further internalization. A spiritual mentor can help remove dark forces/demons from the energy body. In terms of forgiving others, however, you are the one who must forgive as this is your own responsibility, neither the responsibility of the spiritual guide nor because it harms the spiritual guide.

Regarding dark forces, Guru SHD can help solve the issue unless there is a soul who is not genuinely committed to giving up the demons. Spiritual mentors cannot intervene as they want to since there are natural laws. Even though the Guru’s power exceeds that of the dark forces, he cannot merely jump in because the evil spirits could contest it, “Hey, it is what this person wants, and thus, they invited us.”

What is meant by the energy body purity score?

The purity score given to learners represents an overview of the condition on the ENERGY BODY PURITY’s, indicating whether there are dark forces causing obscurity or not; in other words, whether the person is under the grasp of dark forces or not.

Why should we continuously check our energy bodies?

With purity in our energy body, the learning process will be effective and reach its full potential. In addition, the purity in the energy body affects the level of consciousness. If we are affected by negative energies or influences, our Level of Consciousness (LoC) will downgrade.

The learning process, including mindful practice and ways of thinking, speaking, and doing, will decline in quality if this energy body is not free from dark forces’ influences. If our LoC degrades, all knowledge will vanish as if we had amnesia. If we let this happen, we will get lost or distant from the truth we are currently learning and undertaking. Our thinking can be biased, and our understanding can be messed around.

What is meant by the layers of the energy body?

The human body consists of 7 layers, which are categorized based on their level of subtlety as follows:

  1. Physical body
  2. Pranic body
  3. Astral body
  4. Etheric body
  5. Light body
  6. Bliss body
  7. Absolute emptiness

From the seven body layers above, the energy body consists of pranic body, astral body, etheric body, light body, and bliss body (2-6).

Why is the evaluation sometimes carried out only to the energy body, but sometimes to the astral body or bliss body? 

Generally, the overall energy body (a total from no 2-6) is always checked first. The purity level of this energy body can represent several conditions, for example:

  • the impurity happens only in one layer.
  • the impurity happens in more than one layer. 
  • the impurity happens in all layers.

For instance, if the evaluation takes place only to the bliss body or to the light body, it shows that only those particular layers are not pure, or need to be pured; thus, evaluation should be done at those urgent parts.

The total purity score can be broken down further, one by one.The five body layers (numbers 2-6) can be evaluated respectively. Spiritual Mentors usually do this before starting their ‘duty,’ and Guru SHD continuously checks the purity of each layer first. If their energy body is impure, also known as being affected by dark forces, it is equivalent to the degradation in LoC; their consciousness is lowering down, and thus, they are unable to work effectively. This condition can even spread disharmony, and the third eye, the Pineal Gland’s abilities, cannot be used because it would be risky and lead to further affliction, resulting in inaccurate and misaligned interpretation.


Can the physical body be affected by demons?

For the physical body, the term used is not affected but somewhat PHYSICALLY PENETRATED. The body will feel pain and extreme discomfort, but it does not lower consciousness or LoC. However, when the body is uncomfortable and then drifts into thoughts and fails to maintain silence, there is potential for the energy body to be affected by dark forces.

How to overcome the dark-force influence?

As what has been always taught, meditation/silent alignment/cleansing/purification can overcome it. We can use audio from Guru SHD (Setyo Hajar Dewantoro) to assist or not. The key is to be silent and surrender. This method applies to all body layers, whether affected by demons or physically penetrated.


Setyo Hajar Dewantoro teaching in the Intricacies of Soul Purification webinar
Notes from The Fraternity of Pure Light Mentors