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Uncovering Arrogance Within Oneself

By 25 April 2023No Comments

The trait of arrogance is a dark side that needs to be eliminated through silent meditation in pure spirituality and is ideally capable of eroding your superiority with pure love from God. One of the traits that need to be destroyed is arrogance. If you still have this trait, you need to recognize the various forms of your vanity. Don’t pretend that you’re not arrogant when you are. For example, acknowledge that trait and find its roots if you’re greedy. Understand how the patterns of greed emerge through various attitudes, words, and actions in everyday life. Similarly, if you still have feelings of jealousy, have a competitive nature, don’t want to lose, want to win alone, are egotistical, tend to prioritize your interests, and ignore the interests of others, these are traits of arrogance that need to be recognized. If there’s even a little bit of these traits in you, then you need to deal with them through the practice of silence.

True silence will lead us to a new awareness. For example, if you’re arrogant, where does this feeling of arrogance come from? In reality, arrogance arises from a wild and illusory mind. If we have certain assets and positions, then we are entitled to boast about them. We believe that we are superior to others. Feeling superior to others is called a prejudiced mind. However, if we return to silence, we will understand that everyone has their share, their strengths. We respect every human being for their beauty and greatness while also being grateful for all the blessings we have in ourselves. Silence only brings love within us, so there is no arrogance at all.

Expressing our true selves in silence differs from speaking arrogantly because we live in a prejudiced mind. In silence, we describe our skills without arrogance. We only provide information neutrally without exaggerating what we don’t have while appreciating the strengths of others. We are humble in areas where we need help.


Understanding the Root of Arrogance and Overcoming It

The root of arrogance is a lack of inner peace; what nurtures arrogance is emotional wounds. When we were often humiliated or bullied in the past, we tend to want to prove something to be acknowledged. We think that we will be happy and no longer suffer if we are showing off.  However, the more you get trapped in arrogance, the more you suffer because it becomes the root of spiritual downfall that distances you further from the source of pure love within yourself.

The main focus in spiritual teachings is spiritual, and meditating is not about getting lost in supernatural experiences or wow sensations but fails to address our dark side. In this spiritual practice and silence, each person can purify themselves. I have reached a fully purified phase and will guide and support you with my energy. However, you must then undertake the purification process with sincerity through silence.

In addition to arrogance, there are still many other negative traits that we need to recognize and gradually eliminate through a genuine connection with our true selves. We should not pursue an intentional relationship. During inhalation, breathing occurs, and after inhalation, the throne of God is reached. This indicates that a connection has already been established, and the feeling of it simply needs to be experienced.

Thank you, Gusti,  every moment I am connected to You, who manifests as the True Self within the depths of my heart. Thank you for showing me that the source of pure love already exists within me. Thank you for constantly pouring and radiating pure love through this heart.

This is a simple way; you don’t have to search for You/God anywhere else. There’s no need to imagine or fantasize about You/True Self because we just need to feel and enjoy it. If someone in meditation feels vibrations or heartbeats, that’s normal, but the focus should still be on the breath. The focus should be on realizing that with every breath you take, you are in unity with the source of pure love within yourself.


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