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Seven Signs You Are Learning The True Spiritual

By 26 May 2023No Comments
  1. Your body is getting healthier because you experience purification, which cleanses the root or the cause of disease, destructive emotions, an unaligned lifestyle, and metaphysical interference.
  2. You are getting happier or increasingly liberated from the bondage of suffering, along with the disintegration of the dark side within.
  3. You are calmer in attitude and stronger in radiating the vibrations of pure love and  being increasingly liberated from destructive behavior because you are more connected in harmony with the Highest Self who reigns in the heart.
  4. Your life is becoming less complicated because the energy field surrounding you is aligned with the energy of happiness emanating from the body’s cells.
  5. You now feel more empowered, more aware of your talents, and keep moving forward in realizing your grand design and becoming the best version of yourself.
  6. You will discover the deepest meaning of life and understand better that life is not only about survival or just to fulfill egoistic desires – but life is realized as a special opportunity to create the best masterpiece or legacy.
  7. You are no longer take pleasure in expressing words that seem beautiful but unrealistic, such as: “There is no right and wrong,” “Enlightened people see angels and demons are the same, gold and gravel are the same.”

February, 27th, 2023