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What is the Essential Component in Spiritual Learning?

By 26 May 2023No Comments

Based on my observations of my students, I found the key factors that made them grow or stagnate on the spiritual path. What are the characteristics? Here are the explanations.

First, the successful students do not belittle my teachings. They are trying to understand what I meant by the words I told them. If I convey about silence, purification, and transformation, then they learn it correctly; they do not trump up themselves, do not try to fit my teaching to your concepts, and do not bring up theories that come from nowhere to equate what I convey; which is; they are clearly not the same.

Second, after they fully understand, they practice it intensely every day, every time, as much as possible.

I discovered a real connection between seriousness in study and learning outcomes. Those who consistently exhibit a high level of Consciousness (LoC); are those whose sincerity level is also high. For example, if someone’s level of seriousness towards their studies is measured on a scale from 0-10; you will find that those whose level of consciousness can really grow up are stable at high scores, indicated by the range 7-9 out of 10.

Some people do not grow in level consciousness because their spiritual learning is not serious. The level of seriousness in spiritual learning is low, to the extent of 1, 0.5, and even 0.3 out of 10. They just go along with learning, but their goal is unclear. 

If you are serious, you’ll realize that spiritual learning takes time and effort to get “cool” outcomes, especially when considering dark sides and how to overcome them. It is about how you can heal deep wounds. The process can be excruciating. The wounds you have previously felt will return, bringing all those wounds to the surface for you to cope with. Undoubtedly, a lot of individuals do not want that to happen. They demand that “It must be finished completely, no matter what”; how can it be that way?

For people with big egos, healing those scars hurts. It is not easy to let go of attachment; the attachment to anyone and anything, whether with a partner or position, which holds the soul to grow. Therefore, unless you truly mean it, it is challenging to finish the cycle of spiritual study with good grades.

Third, the next critical factor is humility. If you study with me but do not want to accept what I say? That indicates that you are arrogant and do not need to learn; then why do you study with me? If you belong to the Fraternity of Pure Light (Persaudaraan Matahari) but do not want to be evaluated, then what is it for?

If I tell you, “You are still arrogant.”

Then, you still do not accept it by denying, “No! I’m not arrogant.”

You are truly conceited, I am aware of it. To succeed you must have humility. If you are easily annoyed or sensitive to criticism when given input, you will never follow this path. You will only be successful only by letting rid of your ego. 

Fourth, be truthful with yourself. It requires you to acknowledge the many flaws, arrogance, and laziness you still possess. Say it like it is. Recognize where you fall short because there will be a way to succeed.

Don’t pretend to be “cute”; pretend you are done with yourself. You won’t benefit from it, thus it can’t be!

Those who fail lack seriousness, self-honesty, humility, and they undoubtedly have the incorrect objectives in spiritual learning.


Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Special Webinar Series
The Teachings of the Fraternity of Pure Light for the Soul’s Perfection Series 1
August 14th, 2022