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The Formula for Success: Diligent Practice in Formal and Informal Mediation

By 27 May 2023No Comments

Silence or formal meditation is an effort to find the momentum of self-purification and transformation. The diligent one is purified and transformed into their best selves. Besides, it is a process of training so that you are skillful in practicing silence in daily life. The more one practices, the greater likelihood of becoming an expert in silence.

While searching for truth, I was diligent and persistent in practicing formal meditation. I was severe and not lazy or half-hearted about it. In a day, I could meditate several times formally. This was also coupled with a willingness to travel and retreat to places generally known as ‘sacred places.’ The universe responds to hard work, sincerity, and dedication.

There is a clear relationship between sincerity, hard work, and dedication in spiritual learning and the results obtained. On the flip side, if you are not growing spiritually – if your Level of Consciousness (LoC) remains low and the quality of your silence remains poor – it proves that you are not serious, persistent enough, and not genuine enough. This is where the need for HONESTY WITH YOURSELF comes in. Don’t expect good results if your efforts are minimal. This is not a competitive process. You don’t have to compete with others. You are only dealing with yourself.

Nowadays, my teachings are simplified and straightforward. The essence is to enjoy natural breathing, enjoy the love within the breath, and become aware of the pure source of love at the end of the breath’s pull in the center of the chest. There is no need for fasting, staying up at night, or visiting sacred places. You only need to be diligent in formal silence and complement it with informal silence: continue enjoying your breath, and give thanks to God whenever and wherever you are, in the bathroom, at the office, or in the mall.

Quietude throughout the day ensures our thoughts, words, and actions are managed and in harmony. Silence protects us from confusion. The pinnacle of it is merging with the Source of Life. In this state of unity, we embody pure love and live in true happiness.

So, what will it be? Will you sincerely pursue silence, or will you continue to be busy following your ego?”