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Learning Spirituality in The Fraternity of Pure Light

By 25 April 2023No Comments

Why is it Necessary?

In essence, everyone yearns for true happiness, free from the cycle of pain. From another perspective, every soul born on Earth as a human has a purpose of continuing its evolution toward perfection. Life on Earth is an opportunity to learn to cultivate the seeds of divinity, part of a long journey to become a Divine Soul.

All of this relates to one fundamental thing: the purification of the soul and body. To be happy, free from suffering, and to achieve perfection as a soul, every person must be purified from all emotional wounds, negative traits, illusions, traces of sin, and the traps of dark forces.

Purity is the basis for a complete connection with the Supreme Guide within oneself, the True Self/True Guru who reigns in the depths of the heart.

As previously said, the correct method is needed to achieve purity, which must be learned and taught. Statistically, 99.99% of humans born on Earth need to know from someone who has purified their soul and body. There are very few persons on Earth who can succeed in spiritual learning without having to meet and be guided by someone who has already attained the level of a Divine Soul and been spiritually enlightened. 

Based on the understanding that life on Earth has a finite amount of time, this teaching is required to prevent going astray and to expedite the process of reaching the objective.

Fraternity of Pure Light is a “spiritual school” that helps people from all backgrounds understand and practice how to purify the soul and body and achieve happiness.


What is Learned?

The most fundamental thing learned in the Fraternity of Pure Light is the method of silence or meditation that ensures each individual can sort out the five factors that influence the soul, which is the root of suffering. These influences include emotional wounds, negative traits, illusions, traces of sin, and the entrapment of dark forces, which exist in three layers of consciousness: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind.

Students are taught to be able to practice silence in their daily lives to accomplish constant soul purification, which leads to transformation and living in a heavenly state of happiness, harmony, and abundance. The ultimate objective is for students to become aware of the divine seed within themselves and progress to the level of the Divine Soul, which is the excellent design/perfect state of all souls.

The different lessons are about delving into various ancient spiritual traditions that have existed in the world: Suwung, Sastrajendra, Tantra Yoga, Ra Consciousness (The Great Pharaoh of Ra), Druid, Christ Consciousness, Zoroaster, Tao, Zen, and others.

In principle, students are encouraged to explore spiritual science, which unlocks the secret of microcosms, macrocosms, and maha cosmic.


What is its Purpose?

The Fraternity of Pure Light’s curriculum aids students in achieving their quests for enlightenment and the meaning of life. Each student is indeed supported to experience a heavenly life, free from suffering, while residing on Earth until experiencing a dimensional shift through the gateway of death.

Of course, there are other goals as well. The Fraternity of Pure Light is formed or built into Sagrada Familia, a family of pure-hearted humans who realize their roles as Noble Warriors, Light Warriors, and Osbournes (God’s warriors) who live with the noble goal of restoring the Heavenly Earth and advancing human civilization from Kaliyuga to Satyayuga.

The Fraternity of Pure Light is where the main pillars or foremost warriors of The Holy Kingdom with a global reach are nurtured. These pure-hearted warriors aim to restore the Planet, forests, and water. In other words, they are ensuring that the Earth’s environment is repaired after being harmed by human avarice. The next step is to set up the economy, politics, and culture in a way that is fair, under universal laws, and founded on the principle of pure love, which elevates people and other living things. 

The Fraternity of Pure Light aspires to foster global cooperation based on the tenet of “One for All, All for One.” To fight together for freedom, happiness, and universal brotherhood, the people of the Earth must awaken their pure consciousness.


What are its Success Indicators?

The following are the success indicators for members of the Fraternity of Pure Light: “Fraternity of Pure Light students practice silence in their daily lives and experience genuine bliss because they are freed from the five factors that cause them suffering. Then, under the guidance of True Self, people continually think, speak, and behave correctly in their day-to-day lives, and their lives are filled with work and self-reliance.”


How does the Student Know about Their Level of Success?

Students can feel and think about whether they have succeeded. For example, “Are they experiencing a more harmonious life, or are they not gaining more freedom from pain? Can they maintain a state of constant calm and happiness during a life that includes difficulties and turbulence? Success can also be judged by how well-rested and healthy students feel.

The Fraternity of Pure Light, however, also has an assessment method that has been tried and tested throughout the years, which aids each student in understanding their accomplishments so they do not fall into their preconceptions.

The Fraternity of Pure Light evaluates both processes and results in quality. Each student will undoubtedly get feedback on the quality of their silence, their ability to relax deeply, and whether or not they are connected with their True Self. This will happen both during formal meditation and in regular life while working, taking care of their families, socializing, and other activities.

Regarding the quality of results, feedback is given concerning the achievement of the Level of Consciousness, a package that contains levels of purity in energy, perception, emotions, and karma. Additional feedback can be provided on the level of harmony in the seven chakras, the degree of kundalini awakening, and every facet of how students transform from “ordinary humans” to “superhumans.”

Advanced students also receive feedback on various supernatural abilities: divine healer, light warrior, alchemist ability, interdimensional communication ability, and so on.


What is the Key to Success?

The key to success for students of the Fraternity of Pure Light is:

  1. Determination or strong will to learn to overcome any types of attachment that get in the way of their learning progress.
  2. Humility refers to being willing to learn from mentors without thinking one is brighter and accepting all advice and criticism without denying it or feeling offended.
  3. Perseverance, often known as “Never Give Up,” is the practice of keeping silent at all times and remaining enthusiastic about one’s task, especially when it is unsuccessful or in a challenging environment.
  4. Being sincere entails not having a hidden agenda, not pursuing unrelated goals (like material success or supernatural power), and just concentrating on obtaining purity of body and soul. 
  5. Trust. After examining, testing, and reflecting on the mentors’ teachings and practices, one must have faith and a firm commitment to follow the mentors.


How to Learn?

Beginner students can learn materials on the Fraternity of Pure Light’s website, YouTube, and social media platforms.

Students can participate in study groups via WhatsApp and Telegram to continue learning.

Webinars and offline programs are also held, including Studies, Workshops, and Retreats.

There is also a restricted capacity in the Kepamomongan Program for extremely intensive learning.

For more experienced students, a Super Training Program is offered through retreats and spiritual experiences in Europe and other continents.


Who Teaches?

The prominent Fraternity of Pure Light leader is Setyo Hajar Dewantoro, whose profile can be seen in a separate article, assisted by the Pamomong Team and Leaders coordinated by Keisari Pieta.


What are the Supporting Facilities?

Students of the Fraternity of Pure Light can deepen their understanding of the materials from:

  • Books by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
  • Audio Lectures and Meditation Guides on the website
  • Video Lectures on YouTube and social media channels.


Istanbul, July 30, 2022
Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
The Founder of The Fraternity of Pure Light