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Learn to Shed the Ego in the Pamomongan Program

By 27 May 2023No Comments

The Fraternity of Pure Light has a vision of becoming the best spiritual school in the world that delivers humans who are called to pure spiritual learning to transform holistically towards enlightenment. One of the learning methods developed by the Fraternity of Pure Light is named the Pamomongan Program.

The 3-months assistance program consists of two levels. The mentor directly guides level 1, while level 2 is assisted by the Leader as a class leader in the group and is and is under the mentor’s supervision. The purpose of this intensive learning activity is to deepen the fundamental theories and practice of silent exercises in line with Guru Setyo Hajar Dewantoro’s pure spiritual teachings. Mentors will conduct periodic assessments that are verified by Guru SHD regarding the quality of silence/mindfulness practice, the level of consciousness(LoC), the clarity of the energy body, and the level of seriousness in learning.

Giving mandates/trust to mentors and leaders is not based on age, gender, or social/educational status but on the stability of achieving a level of consciousness. Students in this program can be guided by mentors who are younger or have lower social/educational status backgrounds. It is distinctive because of this case.

If the learners can understand this dynamic in silence, the program becomes the ideal tool for letting go of ego, dismantling the concepts that are trapped in the learners’ thoughts, and dismantling their destructive traits. Not only do the participants, mentors, and leaders also learn from the experience as well, but how do they handle the occasionally disrespectful attitudes of the students? Each person receives training to gradually enhance their ability in silence practice, finally perfecting the silence’s muscles and sincerity. 

The following is an example of the pattern of student interaction in the Pamomongan Program, which was obtained authentically by a leader, Antoni C Dwidjanarko, who is familiarly called Papi Antoni. This phenomenon was discussed directly by Guru Setyo Hajar Dewantroro in a Teaching in Surabaya on February 2, 2022.

Antoni C Dwidjanarko
Someone confided in me. “I felt tense when I joined the Pamomongan group,” he admitted. I bailed. I wished to educate myself. Regardless of the level I’m at now, I’ve given up and I want to go back. I’ve given up and I want to go back.
Is that acceptable?


Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
That appears sensible, yet it’s the epitome of carelessness brought on by a big ego. Why were you tense while being instructed by the mentors? There is an easy solution. It’s all about ego, and I can see this in a lot of situations. Uncomfortable situations can occur in a variety of contexts. The absurdity is gender bias. Some students think, “I’m a man, but the mentor is a woman; a woman can’t be better than me, a man.” Whether intentionally or accidentally, the learner has that idea lodged in their brain. For instance, Mr. Antoni will feel concerned if the younger person is mentoring him. Due to seniority and a sense of superiority, this uneasy feeling is caused by ego, which is also responsible for one’s dislike of being bothered by other people. Ah, I guess I should give up. It’s said in a different language: “You don’t bother me; I want what I want.” If I’m comfortable, my ego is satisfied; if I’m uncomfortable, I’m not happy. I am extremely familiar with the story’s narrator, “Just nudge it a little. They will be triggered.”

This Pamomongan group is created to make it easier to solve issues like tension. I have a ton of work that is cosmically more essential and urgent, so I can’t respond to hundreds of individuals asking the same question every day. Several mentors supported by several leaders can provide more detailed guidance to you. 


Why do you not desire it? What could you wish for?”

When you study with me and desire to be instantly enlightened, this is what is meant by an instant wish. No way! If you believe it can enlighten you when you already adhere to one of my studies or teachings. Definitely not! This is an outdated method of education that has to be abandoned. So, don’t imagine that when you come to meditate with me at a study, class, retreat, or workshop, I give you a tremendous overflow of energy then you are enlightened. Not at all!

It feels as though you are being bathed while you are in this room. It is real. Observe it. What do you feel right after your meditation? But if you don’t make an effort, it’s all gone in just five steps from here. We discovered that this was the case for several years. Therefore, what do these folks want as far as I’m concerned? If they are near me, they are sane. After the study/ teaching/retreat/workshop, they are freed from demons’ (bad energies)’s grasp. But what happens after the class is over, like 10 minutes later? They return to their original state. What do you desire, then? You can’t live like that.

I am in charge of making sure that everyone is at peace within a system. To survive on the spiritual path, one must be ready to go through the ego’s shed process. So, I’m being firm now; those who don’t want to have their egos bruised shouldn’t learn with me. Simply look for an instructor that strokes your ego and doesn’t provide feedback or evaluation. It’s up to you, but the key thing is that we both feel calm and at ease.

Did I force you to join me in my teachings? Why did you come here, in fact? You do want it, after all. You must realize, nevertheless, that you are not working with a teacher who will stroke your ego. I am a teacher who will crush your ego to the point where you completely see how you are evolving. Let’s carry it on if you enjoy it. However, don’t waste anyone’s time by staying if you don’t like it. Both you and I are wasting our time. There is no need for pleasantries as we are fair.

I recognize my value. I am a mastro in the spiritual realm, not just for the Indonesian level but also for the international level. Look into it. I can vouch for it. So, if you want to study with me, hold onto it. Just be serious, please. I provide a framework for your development. Fortunately, anyone can attain enlightenment just like I did. I’ll be content.

When Mr. Antoni can shed his ego, I will be happy. Yesterday, mentors and teams were able to manage the Avalon retreat and study in Bali without me. Do I feel competitive? If you are enlightened, I will be happier.

Wow, my work was stolen! What type of guy am I, my God? I don’t have any more teaching shares left, though, do I? My supporters have acted. I will hand over this Fraternity of Pure Light straight away if Mr. Antoni is actually now enlightened. So then I can play golf, or start another business.How about it?”

Then Papi Antoni’s laughter broke out, followed by all the other students in that teaching class/study.  One can realize that the Pamomongan program does not provide a cozy environment for the ego. Mentors lead us if we are open to accepting them for who they are, including their age, gender, and personal preferences.