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How to Learn Spirituality without Getting Trapped in Ego

By 24 April 2023No Comments

What is ego?

Ego is the awareness of our identity as a unique individual, different from others. When we have a self-centered attitude, only thinking about ourselves, wanting to win or be happy alone, and not following the guidance of the True Self, it is called being egoistic.

Can we practice spirituality without having a goal? Absolutely not.

Essentially, our soul yearns for purity, desires true happiness, and wants to be free from the cycle of suffering (the wheel of samsara). This is not egoistic as it is purely the desire of the True Self.

When you learn spirituality to obtain supernatural powers and think, “With these powers, I can conquer others,” that is what is called egoistic. You will undoubtedly fall into that trap.

Learning spirituality must have the right goal. Follow the purest calling of each soul, your ego will collapse, and you will remain loyal to the True Self. Gradually, your soul-body will be purified. Continue learning mindfulness, recognize the guidance of the True Self, and progressively live in harmony, not living in an egoistic manner.


Do I (Setyo) still have an ego?

I certainly have desires as Setyo Hajar Dewantoro (SHD), who has a physical body. Sometimes I want to eat meatballs, drink sweet tea, or enjoy ice cream. But, when we have learned mindfulness and realize the actual truth, My desires will only be fulfilled if they are in harmony with the holy spirit’s will, getting the green light from the holy spirit.

For example, If I want to drink sweet tea, but the holy spirit warns, “Don’t, you’ve had enough; your body can’t handle it anymore.” So, follow it – don’t do it.

Another example of a self-centered action is when your body needs high-protein foods like meat. But you think that eating meat is a bad act, so you decided not to eat it. Or, a habit of eating meatballs with a high dose of MSG, which your body has rejected. However, you force yourself to eat meatballs because you strongly desire them.

But, when there is one physical pleasure you genuinely want, and the holy spirit allows it, go ahead, of course, with the appropriate dose. So, the ego does not disappear completely.

Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Summarized from the Webinar “Formula for Enlightenment and Financial Abundance” on September 5, 2021.