The Sun Consciousness

"The Path of Light to the Heavenly Earth"
by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro

Publisher: Mahadaya
City: Jogjakarta
Author: Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Language: Indonesian
Year of Publication: August 2021


This book describes the symbols and inspirations of the majesty of Ancient Egypt, how human consciousness was at that time. The writer who is also a spiritual teacher invites anyone who is inspired to have a vision of the Heavenly earth by having the Wisdom Awareness like that of RA. The author reveals what he realized and downloaded from the data center of the Universe (Akashic); hence, there are also messages or words that He wrote in this book.




Exactly at the Indonesia’s 76th Independence Day, 17 August 2021, I officially launched the newest book.

This book does not only reveal spiritual teachings. It opens our awareness to the problems of civilization: diminishing forests, degraded land, unequal distribution of the economic pie, and so on. A question was raised: what does spirituality offer as a solution? What is the contribution of spiritual practitioners so that civilization does not have to deal with destruction?

This book also reveals the secrets of a small group of people who manipulates lives. They are the cabal globalists who become the shadows of the various governments in the world. This group carries out its actions through various institutions: secret organizations – so we will explore together whether the Freemasons, Bavarian Illuminati, Gray Pope, have connections with the deep state. Other institutions include (i) research institutes and international forums, such as Bilderberg and the World Economic Forum; (ii) international institutions, such as the World Bank and WHO, as well as (iii) various Multinational Corporations that control the mining, pharmaceutical, and (iv) media industries.

The important question is whether there is a chance for humanity, including the Indonesian people, to be free from enslavement attempts by the cabal globalists who continue to maneuver, including through the current plandemic?

This book offers optimism. We can really be safe. The ongoing spiritual revolution is centered in the archipelago, combined with Nesara/Gesara and the White Hat Alliance maneuvers.

Good luck for striving to achieve true independence.

Basically, human beings have a natural desire to experience heavenly life on this Earth. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to be happy. A life full of peace, abundance, with a sustainable green environment, is what humans are trying to pursue in general. Heavenly Earth is basically our shared dream.

However, many engineered lives nowadays have been created to keep people away from the Beautiful and Great Way of Life. All those engineered lives make humans trapped in suffering.

This is the reason wny the Book of Sun Consciousness is released and present for us all.
Let this book also be a bearer of light; more and more people will join in the endeavor to realize a Heavenly Earth and become individuals who can enjoy a real heavenly life through the Path of Light.

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