Suwung: The Science Of Truth

"Experience the Truth in Absolute Emptiness"
by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro


The Book of Suwung discusses in details about soul: its origin, its mission, its journey, its relation with body and the reality in the infinite universe, that guides each person to understand completely the reality of itself. The book further discusses about spiritual practices which lead each individual to achieving total enlightenment.

The interesting thing in this part is about the mystery of 12 DNA strands, where it can actually transform a human body from carbon-based body into silicone-based body even into light body, that is frankly unveiled.

The ultimate part of the book also discusses issues that make spiritual wanderers misunderstand about indicators of success on spiritual learning, a true meaning of surpassing ego and duality, a meaning of attachment, evaluation and judgement, etc.

It can be said that the book is a book of spiritual science in Nusantara version that reveals what the genuine truth is with a very comprehensive explanation.

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