Sangkan Paraning Dumadi

Puncak Ajaran Spiritual Jawa
by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro

Publisher: PaRama Ilmu
City: Yogyakarta
Author: Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Number of pages: 425 pages
Language: Indonesian
Year of publication: April 2019


Bali marang sangkan paraning dumadi is the ultimate spiritual teaching in Javanese spiritual tradition. This terminology is equivalent to “Moksha” and “Nibanna”. This is about the returning of soul to its original source or beginning, as an existence without boundaries that transcends space and time. This book continues the theme explored in previous works, including Medseba: Ancient Nusantara Meditation, Suwung: Secret Teachings of Javanese Ancestors, and Sastrajendra: Science/Knowledge of Soul Perfection.

The first issue discussed in this book is about the universe that is boundless in the perspective of space and beginningless in the perspective of time. The universe is not understood as the collection of 2 trillion galaxies as revealed by scientists, but as an existence that gathers unknown numbers of universes.

Furthermore, this book thoroughly discusses the soul: the origin of the soul, the mission of the soul, the journey of the soul, and the relationship between the soul and the body, which guides everyone to gain a complete understanding of their reality. The following topic discussed is spiritual practice that leads every individual to achieve complete enlightenment. An interesting thing is that the discussion in this section is very unconventional: the mystery of the 12 strands of DNA, the transformation of the body from a carbon-based body to a silicon-based body, and the eventual attainment of the light body and spirit body are revealed very clearly.

In the final section of this book, there is also a discussion about issues that often cause spiritual seekers to misunderstand: indicators of spiritual progress, the true meaning of transcending ego and duality, attachment, judgment and condemnation, as well as the issue of the revival of Nusantara.

It could be said that this is a highly comprehensive Nusantara version of a spiritual science book that inherits the spiritual tradition that has been evolving since the era of Harjuna Sasrabahu, who led the Maospati Palace around one million years ago, with its main Mandala: the Sukuh Temple on the slopes of Mount Lawu.