Jumbuh Kawula Gusti

The Path of Great Unity
by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro

by: Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Publisher: Mahadaya
City: Jogjakarta
Author: Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Number of pages: 323 pages
Language: Indonesian
Year of Publication: June 2020


“A Masterpiece of Honesty and Loyalty to the Source of Life which will lead us to the opening of awareness, as a guide in treading the endless and infinite Path of Great Unity”



Setyo Hajar Dewantoro is a Meditation Teacher and the Founder of the Fraternity of Pure Light. He was born in Magelang at the foothill of Mount Tidar, 46 years ago, and has experienced ups and downs to reach his current state. Mas Guru Setyo, as he is often called, has written many books, and Jumbuh Kawula Gusti – The Path of Great Unity – is his fifth masterpiece.

Then, what is this masterpiece’s specialty and taste this time?

“Soul perfection doesn’t just belong to legendary figures of the past. It is a state that is open to be attained by anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

This is a quote from his book, which states that each of us is His perfectly created being. We have all the sensory tools needed to live on Earth. We also have other tools to be able to realize our essence to connect with the Source of Pure Love.

Buku ini dengan tegas menyatakan bahwa setiap kita, dan bukan segelintir golongan saja, adalah jiwa agung yang sempurna. Maka bangunlah. Bangkit untuk mencapai kesempurnaan jiwa, biarlah seluruh alam semesta turut membantu mengakselerasinya. Jika bingung dengan caranya, buku ini punya jawabannya.

Let’s grow and Be grown.

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