Secret Teachings Of Javanese Ancestors
by Setyo Hajar Dewantoro

Publisher: Javanica
City: Yogyakarta
Author: Setyo Hajar Dewantoro
Number of pages: 292 pages
Language: Indonesian
Year of Publication: 7 September 2017


Suwung. One word that embodies the essence of all the spiritual teachings of Javanese ancestors. Suwung, which means emptiness, is the deepest reality of life, source of creation, which is entirely serene and peaceful, transcending joy and sorrow, and free from emotional turbulence. Javanese ancestors understood God as Suwung, the Ultimate Consciousness and the Supreme Power in the form of emptiness that encompasses and pervades all existence (Suwung hamengku ana). One who has experienced Suwung will live in accordance with the Divine Sense that emerges from within. Exploring and experiencing Suwung will help you:

  • Liberating yourself from the illusions of life that create pressures.
  • Realizing the greatness of humanity with all its potential to experience happiness.
  • Transforming yourself at the level of pure energy to live abundantly.

This book discusses the essence of Suwung scientifically and philosophically, supplemented with guidance on practicing Pure Love Meditation, Holy Water Meditation, Holy Fire Meditation, Self-Healing Meditation, Kadewatan Meditation, and various other meditation techniques, to connect you with Suwung within yourself.