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Destructive Character and Dark Forces

By 25 April 2023No Comments

All destructive characters that grow within oneself will eventually become a factor that attracts dark forces. Your arrogance, greed, and other dangerous characteristics radiate vibrations that draw various angry creatures to enter your body. They offer everything desired by your egoistic desires; as long as you cannot transcend and eradicate all characters of hostility, you will never be entirely free from the grip of dark forces.

It is pointless to continuously meditate to cleanse dark forces while neglecting to delve into the anger within yourself and know its roots. If you are arrogant, you will attract dark forces. Why are you complacent? One of the roots is low self-esteem; you have a trauma from the past that makes you not love yourself. You are also full of wild thoughts and delusions and forget to immerse yourself in the pure love that exists here and now.

Heal your emotional wounds, and correct your enmity traits; then, you can eliminate the grip of dark forces within you.

Below is a complete explanation from the Founder and Guardian of the Brotherhood of the Sun, Setyo Hajar Dewantoro, about the power of darkness or dark forces based on his experience. Enjoy delving into the factual truth.

Dark Forces

We should understand the universe as a matrix. There are space-time coordinates, and there are dimensions. Life is not just about living on Earth with a physical body, which I define as Dimension 5.

There are life dimensions 1 and 2 that represent destructive traits. They are honest; they exist. They can be in our size by entering through an open portal. They can roam according to their non-physical original body. They can also enter the human body.

They are not just projections of the mind. They are also different from the shadow or dark side within a psychological human.

Throughout my “career” as a meditation teacher and Knight of Light, I have faced many types of dark forces.

Here’s the list:

  • Genderuwo
  • Banaspati
  • Various types of demons: snakes, tigers, pigs, etc.
  • Jin
  • Devil
  • Mara
  • Leak
  • Draconian
  • Octopus
  • Other mischievous aliens (insect-like shape, humanoid, etc.)
  • Dementor
  • Dark wizard
  • Dark alchemist.

They are some of what we call local dark forces; some are imported. Some of them even come from different planets and universes.

Their forms vary, and their powers and cunning are also different. But, like dark alchemists, they can manipulate space-time and draw pure human energy.

They can enter the human body and control the human mind if the human is drawn to the dark side, such as obsession or greed, or because we cannot find peace within ourselves.

Anyone with selfish desires in their body must contain these dark forces regardless of their label: meditation teacher, artist, politician, religious figure, entrepreneur, anything.

It is no wonder that many people are trapped in dimensions 1-2 after they pass away because these dark forces controlled their bodies during their life.

Question and Answer on Supernatural

Are creatures like Siluman, Jin, and Iblis accurate and not just a projection of human thought or imagination?

Once again, it depends on what is meant by “real.” If what is considered “real” is only what can be perceived by the five senses, then it can be said that there is no evidence that creatures like siluman, jin, and iblis exist. No photos or videos truly capture their existence, except for fake ones made for the sake of popularity. However, reality and presence in the universe are not limited to the material/atomic world that the senses can perceive. Existence stretches across a broad spectrum representing different vibrational energy frequencies, forming what I call “dimensions.” Some facts are substantial and can be perceived by the senses, some with tools like electron microscopes, and some are so subtle that they can only be perceived and confirmed as accurate through the pineal gland and true intuition.

I assert that the various types of dark forces, including siluman, jin, iblis, and others, exist because of my authentic experience during meditation. This is not merely my belief, nor is it a projection or imagination. I always begin with skepticism: everything is initially assumed not to exist until proven otherwise through my intelligence and awareness accessed through meditation.

Don’t ask about the morphology of the siluman, jin, and iblis; that is not part of my observation. Also, don’t ask about their social system, whether they date, marry, and have heartbreaks, or if there are iblis who work as debt collectors for online loans and harass other iblis until they become stressed. Again, that’s not important to me and not revealed to me. So instead, I focus on understanding the relationship between siluman, Jin, iblis, and humans and how humans can be infiltrated and trapped by these dark forces.

Infiltrated by dark forces

My concern is the drastic decline of human consciousness, where their souls become clouded as they become connected with various dark forces, and those dark forces enter the human body. This is a phenomenon that I call “possession” with its multiple levels.

Possession occurs because humans worship their egos, live with their dark desires, live their lives without inner silence, and are full of wild assumptions. Control can happen to intellectuals or those with simple minds, to the religious or atheists, and has nothing to do with belief or disbelief. Possession is about the law of attraction: humans with impure hearts become magnets for dark forces, and those dark forces thicken their egos and multiply their dark desires. Dark forces can also create a distorted perception, and even some dark forces can disguise themselves as the Holy Spirit/True Guru by giving false guidance.

In the Brotherhood of the Sun (Persaudaraan Matahari), everyone must achieve 100% energy clarity by diligently practicing stillness and purification of the body and soul. Therefore, there is no tolerance for learners in PM to have any kind of familiar spirits or dark forces, including those that disguise themselves as ancestral companions.

Pure Spiritual Teaching is Firm: the soul must be pure, the body must become a sacred temple, one completely surrenders to the Creator, and pure love ultimately underlies the movement of thoughts, words, and actions.

In the process of purification, you don’t need to ask what kind of dark force it is or what form it is in. However, I know that it is a question that is entirely unimportant. Are you trying to make a demon museum? What is important is that you acknowledge that you have gone astray, have sinned by making your body no longer a sacred temple, and immediately reform yourself by purifying your body and soul through intense meditation. Those who sincerely and diligently meditate can undoubtedly achieve 100% pure energy. This purification of energy will go hand in hand with the purification of the soul from emotional wounds, anger, and illusions.

Do black magic, love spells, and sorcery exist?

Yes, they certainly exist. I have come across and even dealt with such things. For example, one of my students was going to be sacrificed by their boss who practiced sorcery, another was under their neighbor’s love spell, and another was targeted by a black magic spell cast by a former friend. These things happen frequently.

Why do I not focus on talking about consciousness but instead talk about dark forces and possession? Many people fail to achieve spiritual growth due to being possessed by dark forces or under the influence of black magic. Under normal circumstances, at least 96% of people on Earth are affected by possession to various degrees. Very few people consistently maintain 100% clarity of energy, with most having some sort of dark force infiltration in their bodies. Some people even have the dark force as the main essence of their being, with their ego wrapped around it – their human soul has been driven to another dimension due to their extreme evil or stupidity when given a chance to be human. These people have a Level of Consciousness (LoC) of 1 or below.

The truth is, why would someone be influenced by dark forces? It’s their own doing, as they attract those forces with the darkness within themselves.