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Seven Lessons of The Body

By 25 April 2023No Comments
  1. There is a Time Limit on Your Body
    A message from the Astronomy Clock in Prague: “Here on this planet, monuments should always exist. As a reminder for humanity, about how long the human body will be available become a receptacle for the soul, as a sacred temple for the soul.” (The Time Keeper)
  1. The Body Is a Vessel for the Soul
    The soul is born on earth to continue its evolutionary process. Living on earth is an opportunity to learn so that the soul is transformed into a divine soul. So, do not direct this vessel in a different direction. Do not damage your truck. Take care of your body correctly to support your highest purpose as a soul.
  1. The body is a Friend, not an Enemy
    Because the body is a vessel for the soul, make it a friend, not an enemy. We must realize that the body has its natural desires, urges, and needs, which should be fulfilled. Do not assume that the body, with all its natural desires, is an obstacle in achieving the soul’s great purposes. Something that often becomes a source of trouble is your ego, your wild mind, which rides on the body’s desires. The ego should be managed instead of blaming the body that never demands excess.
  1. The Body Is a Sacred Temple
    In the depths of your heart is a sanctum, the seat of the Highest Self, the divine guide and the source of pure love, the personal God within. So then, indeed, the body is a sacred temple. First, be aware of the actual existence of God, who becomes the essence of self and encompasses self. Make sure that there are only pure thoughts and words, as well as the right actions that are based on pure love. Next, make sure that the light of awareness illuminates the body ultimately. After that, make sure all cells are simultaneously in harmony and happiness. The key to everything is to be in a state of silence all the time.
  1. Align The Spirit, The Mind, and The Body
    The body and the mind are tools for the soul while living on Earth. The reason is that walking alone (read: prioritizing the ego) will destroy the body and hinder the soul’s evolution. Accordingly, the mind should be managed and aligned with the pure desire of the soul and be obedient to the instructions of the Highest Self enthroned in the center of the heart. Then only that way will make the body be in harmony. Again and again, the key is intense silence. It is not just talking about “mind, body, soul.”  The reality changer is the action in silence!
  1. No Need to Torture the Body
    I am not recommending actions that resist the body’s pure desires. My teaching is simple: when you’re hungry, just eat; when you’re thirsty, drink; when you’re sleepy, go to bed; fulfill everything reasonably according to God’s instructions. There is no need to take extreme actions that are not following the body’s natural character; for example, you do not even drink, eat, and sleep for days to be enlightened. Moreover, doing it with egoistic desires, imposing to be inspired or become powerful. The problem is not the natural desire of the body but the wild mind. The key is not “resisting the lust or even killing it” but being in intense silence so that the thought is clear and the lust is aligned.
  1. Make Your Body Heavenly
    Make your soul’s vessel experience heavenly life as the soul experiences heaven in its purest state. Purify your body and soul through silence; then, your body will be blessed, happy, healthy, and fresh. That is the primary condition of heavenly life.