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7 Ways to Raise the Level of Consciousness

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Legacy of SHD (Fraternity of Pure Light)



The key to success on the spiritual path is to be indeed able to practice silence, meaning fully aware of one’s breath, thoroughly enjoying the pure energy of love within the breath, constantly grateful for the blessings of the divine, enjoying the present moment and feeling connected and united with the source of pure love at the end of each natural breath at the center of the chest. It is not just about closing your eyes but tense or daydreaming, nor is it about forcing your focus or emptying the mind.

The quality of silence will increase as one’s ability to manage wild and wandering thoughts improves. This needs to be trained until the mind becomes gentle and fully attentive to what is happening or being felt within ourselves. I repeat the simple technique: pay close attention to every natural inhalation and exhalation. Don’t try to control your breath; let it be realistic as it is. Enjoy your breath. If your mind wanders due to memories of the past or imaginations of the future, just follow the movement of those thoughts until you are satisfied. Then bring your mind back to focus on the breath and enjoy the present moment. This needs to be continually practiced so that the silence practice becomes more profound and more relaxed, and one can experience more peace and happiness. If the third eye is uncontrollably active, bringing various visual or auditory sensations, don’t get carried away; return to enjoying the breath and feeling the pure love of the divine.

Success Measure: Quality of Silence, ranging from 0%-100%, starting to relax and enjoy the breath at a score of 10%.



Beginners frequently practice formal meditation. My audio guide can be a tool, but it’s unnecessary. If you’re more comfortable without my audio guide or prefer to listen to certain music, go ahead. But your duty to be still and silent is ongoing with formal meditation. You should be still and quiet wherever you are, whenever you can. While cooking, working in the office, on the bus, riding a motorbike or a car, in front of the laptop, during a meeting, and when thinking analytically, feel and enjoy your breath. Throughout your life, remember the pure love of God and realize that you are never separated from the Source of Life. Stay relaxed all the time, and stay calm in facing problems, challenges, and anything else. Keep a distance from all events, and don’t get swept away. React to all occurrences and other people’s attitudes while maintaining your ability to enjoy the breath. Simply act on the sincerest impulse that comes from your heart, which will become clear if you truly appreciate each breath. This is the practice of always understanding God’s great guidance and remaining faithful to Him.

Success rate: 0-100%. How long can you maintain silence at 10% quality during the waking period?

For example, if you have a formal meditation session of 2 hours with a silence quality of 15%, then practice silence and mindfulness for at least 10% quality during 3 hours, and you are awake for 18 hours, it means your duration of silence is 2+3/18 x 100% = 27.7%.

If you sit in stillness and meditate for 2 hours, but the quality is only at 1%, and you never practice mindfulness, then your calm duration is 0%!



You will not be able to elevate your consciousness if all the emotional pain, anger, and resentment stored in your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind are not healed. Therefore, anyone with emotional wounds must strive to recover them in silence by utilizing the pure love energy of God that flows within each breath.

A simple way to do this is to feel the pure love in each inhalation and exhalation and say in your heart: “God, I accept all the events that have happened and have hurt my soul. I understand that they are all valuable lessons that strengthen me. Now I am fully aware of Your love and forgiveness, and I truly love and forgive myself, as well as all those who have hurt my heart.”

Surrender to God’s power and love to heal all wounds. Accept the discomfort that arises when emotional wounds come to the surface. That is a sign that it is time to heal those emotional wounds with acceptance, understanding, and total forgiveness.

Success Metric: Clarity of Emotional Body; 0-100%. If one has healed emotional wounds and negative traits such as anger, the clarity score would be 100%. On the other hand, if one harbors resentment, emotional pain, and so on, the clarity of the energetic body would be low, approaching 0%.



The destructive traits are contained by ego/pride. Pride becomes the king within oneself when one does not truly practice silence. Therefore, the way to dissolve the ego and eliminate the destructive traits is to practice silence, completely surrender, and feel the pure love of God. In persistent silence, all forms of anger: arrogance, greed, deceitfulness, and others, including those that have become habitual, can be gradually resolved.

If we practice being silent and mindful of our breath, we will develop great sensitivity to the nature of anger. As soon as we notice our destructive impulses, sincerely say, “God, forgive me. I pray that your love will harmonize with my nature and wash out all of my wrath. Next, develop the ability to be honest with oneself, act without regard for one’s own image, and accept feedback from others without taking it personally. However, if one is still susceptible to rage, one should remain in silence and surrender to God. “God,  I surrender completely. I fully accept your power and love to manage and improve myself.”

Don’t fantasize about being free from the destructive traits without silence or just by following common morality and suggesting yourself with wise sayings.

Success Measurement: Besides the parameter of emotional clarity, it can also be assessed by the authenticity score. Those with high ego score a ten on a scale of 0-10. Fully enlightened individuals have an ego score of 0!



Leave all illusions alone, regardless of how they are presented. If you want to learn how to purify your body and soul, I can teach you that silence is the key. Fasting, meditation, or any other disciplines that are deemed appropriate by tradition are not required. There is no need for any “inner work” that only strengthens the ego, making you lost in the enchantment of the supernatural world. Instead, just enjoy your breath and be grateful to the divine, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. If religious rituals bind you, practice them with awareness, sincerity, and no ulterior or egoistic intentions. Realize that everything is a spiritual practice for the soul. Live with the understanding of pure love.

Secondly, start developing a cautious attitude towards blind faith. Understand that truth is what you experience and witness. For the illusions that already exist within you, clear them away with pure light. Enjoy your breath and realize that at the end of each breath, there is a source of divine light. Soak in that heavenly light as it radiates from your heart center to your mind and DNA, dissolving all illusions. Say, “The Holy Spirit, let Your Divine Light dissolve my illusions and awaken my purest consciousness.”

Success Measurement: Clarity of Perception, 100% free from illusions, approaching 0% if full of fantasies.



Burn all sins refers to clearing all the negative karmic imprints resulting from actions that go against God’s guidance, driven by ego, influenced by illusory assumptions, and fueled by anger and frustration that counts as destructive traits. These imprints cloud the soul and taint the karmic body, which must be purified in silence.

While fully aware of your breath, sincerely say: “Oh God, with your love, all my sins are forgiven. With your holy fire, my karmic body is cleansed from the imprints of sin that tainted it. Therefore, I humbly ask for your forgiveness, and I accept when your fire burns my soul and purifies it.”

In silence, address those souls that may have suffered from your anger and frustration. Apologize to them, embrace them, and radiate pure love towards them. Speak to them so that they may find true happiness.

The success measurement is the clarity of the karmic body. If free from sin, the karmic body is 100% clear. If there are many sins, the score for the clarity of the karmic body approaches 0%. Within many sins, it is possible to measure the severity of the evils. For example, the score for sins that are particularly heinous, causing great suffering to many people, could be close to 1000 on a scale of 0-1000. The score would be much lower for sins that only harm oneself, such as excessive daydreaming.



Do not dream of becoming enlightened and having a high level of consciousness by denying the existence of the dark force. If you want to grow spiritually, don’t be arrogant or pretend that you are free from the grip of demons in all their forms. The dark force: demons, devils, and others are real and can grip you, attracted by your ego, and can also infiltrate your body when you forget to be in silence, when you are reckless in your spiritual learning, randomly consuming spiritual writings, audios, and videos. Be grateful if there is a master or teacher who openly states that you have been struck with the clarity of energy: 1%, 5%, 30%, and so on. Quickly improve yourself with all humility.

In silence, say sincerely and honestly: “God, with Your power and love, purify my body and soul entirely and release me from the grip of all dark forces. I completely surrender. I thank you for being with me. Unfortunately, it is time to part ways. I bestow my purest love to all; let them find the path to happiness.”

The measure of Success: Body Energy Clarity on a Scale of 0-100. Those free from the clutches of dark forces have 100% energy clarity, while those with a lot of dark forces have a clarity level approaching 0%. The number, types, and strengths of dark troops can also be assessed if necessary.


CALCULATION OF LoC (Level of Consciousness)

  • Clarity of emotional body 100%
  • Clarity of perceptual body 100%
  • Clarity of karmic body 100%
  • Transparency of energy body 100%

Ego score: 5, which means the ego container is still thick. Then, the task of clearing ancestral burdens in DNA still needs to be completed; the maximum LoC is at 500/Dimension 12.

If the Ego score is 0, and clearing dark side burdens/lousy karma from ancestral DNA is 100% complete, then the LoC can reach 1000/Dimension 31.